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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Dexter Prequel: NEW & Returning Characters That Will Appear In 'Dexter: Origins'! (Rumor)

Who's returning and who's not in the upcoming Dexter prequel Dexter: Origins.


It's been exactly 14 months since Showtime revealed that they're working on a prequel about the early years of Dexter Morgan, and today we have a report from website That Hashtag Show that reveals the returning and new characters for the Dexter: Origins prequel. Since the news comes from a not so credible source, we suggest you to be cautious about it. Let's dive in!

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Dexter Returns to Netflix In Europe, Brazil, Canada and Other Select Regions, But Not In the US

All eight seasons of the original series are available since March 31st, 2024!


After years and years, America's favorite fictional serial killer Dexter is back to Netflix in select regions. Since March 31st, the streaming giant made all 96 episodes of the original series available in a handful of European countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, the United Kingdom, as well as Canada, Brazil, Japan, and others.

Monday, April 1, 2024

'The Hannah Diaries': Dexter Spinoff About Hannah McKay Gets Series Order at Showtime

Showtime eyes Sydney Sweeney to portray the new version of Hannah McKay.



Breaking news! The Dexter franchise is expanding. Paramount+ and Showtime revealed earlier today that a brand new show based on the controversial character of Hannah McKay who was introduced in the seventh season of Dexter is in advanced works. 'The Hannah Diaries' will take place immediately after the events of the original Dexter finale which aired back in September of 2013. According to the synopsis, the show will be about Hannah's life after falling in love with America's favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan and her realization that she has to overcome her darkness and become a good mother for her adopted son Harrison, who carries a Dark Passenger just like his father. Scott Buck will serve as the showrunner of the show, which will take four full seasons consisted of 12 episodes.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Dexter Prequel Series 'Dexter: Origins' Begins Filming In Los Angeles This June (Rumor)

Are you ready, Dexter fans!?

Brace yourselves for more Dexter! According to a report from website TheCinemaholic, the prequel series 'Dexter: Origins' (working title) will start shooting in June 2024. Just like the original series which aired from 2006 to 2013, the upcoming prequel will be filmed in Los Angeles. No news at all regarding the all-new cast, or if Michael C. Hall will agree to reprise young Dexter, just by wearing a wig.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Showtime/Paramount+ Creates Brand New 'Dexter' Dedicated Channel on YouTube

Go show your support by subscribing, Dexter fans!


America's favorite serial killer finally gets his own... YouTube channel! Almost 18 years after its first debut on Showtime, 'Dexter' now has a seperate channel on the popular video platform which counts 2.4K subscribers as we speak. Fun fact: The first video of the channel titled "Meet Dexter Morgan" was uploaded on February 6, 2024, exactly one year after the official announcement by Showtime and Paramount+ about the upcoming Dexter spinoffs. More and more videos will be coming as time goes by, according to Showtime.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Showtime Skips Dexter Season 3 In Network's Social Media Posts Ahead of Possible Spin-off News

The main focus remains on the seasons that could involve spin-off characters.


Ever since the show's 17th anniversary, which was last October, Showtime's promoting the earlier seasons of Dexter, ahead of more official announcements about the three spin-offs which were announced via a press release on February 6th of 2023. The posts contain short clips from various episodes that focus on the dynamic between the Morgan siblings, as well as Doakes, the Ice Truck Killer, the Bay Harbor Butcher and others.