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Dexter Season 5 - EPISODE GUIDE

The episode guide of dextergr, for Dexter Season 5. Click the link below to read more.

Dexter among HPA Awards Nominees

Dexter is among the TV shows that have earned nomination for the Hollywood Post Alliance’s 2010 HPA…

Tonight's the Night!

On December 13, 2009, Dexter's shocking Season 4 finale breaks the limits of television drama w…

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VIDEO: Dexter Season 5 Predictions

A new showtime video with the cast of Dexter and fans at Comic-Con 2010 predict what Dexter has in s…

Latest From Ausiello

Here is a Q-A from Tv Guide's Ausiello... Question: Any scoop on Dexter? —Mike Ausiello: Ne…

Dexter Season 6 ?

Do you want Dexter to continue with Season 6? Vote on the poll below. &a…

Dexter Season 5 - New Spoiler

New spoilers from TV Guide, about the first episodes of the new season of Dexter. Click the link be…

Dexter Season 5 - New Set Photos 31/8

Νέες εικόνες από τα γυρίσματα της 5ης σεζόν. Κλικ στις εικονες για μεγεθυνση.

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