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Thursday, September 23, 2021

'Becoming Dexter' - Michael C. Hall Reflects On His Return As Dexter Morgan! - [BTS Video]

A brand new behind-the-scenes video is here!


What does it take to tap into the mind of an affable serial killer? Michael C. Hall reflects on his return as everyone's favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan, after eight years. Watch a new cool BTS video by Showtime, below!

The 'Dexter Wrap-Up Podcast' With Scott Reynolds Returns - Showtime's Bringing Back Companion Podcast For Dexter: New Blood

The official Dexter podcast hosted by writer and EP Scott Reynolds is back.


Exciting news! After eight years, the Dexter Wrap-Up podcast with Scott Reynolds is re-launching! The first episode of "Dexter: New Blood Wrap-Up" will drop next Friday, October 1, on the 15th anniversary of the Dexter premiere! Watch the podcast trailer!

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Dexter Season 8 (Series) Finale Aired 8 Years Ago Today - Grade It!

Time flies! It's been eight years since that finale!


Today marks eight years since Dexter's original ending. It was Sunday, September 22, 2013 when the notorious Dexter series finale aired on Showtime. The 96th episode of the show was called "Remember The Monsters?" and it was written by (former) showrunner Scott Buck, Manny Coto, and directed by Steve Shill.

After all these years the last episode of Dexter is considered by the majority of fans and critics as the worst series finale of any TV show, ever. One of the most recent finales that earned almost the same amount of negative criticism, is the Game of Thrones series finale which aired 27 months ago.

What's your opinion on the Dexter Season 8 finale after all these years? Grade the final episode of the original series, below! Plus, see here the first reactions by the fans here on DexterDaily, right after the finale aired on Showtime!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Dexter: New Blood - 2 New Stills From The Series Premiere

Two more promotional pics from the upcoming season of Dexter.

Seacia Pavao/Showtime

Dexter's highly anticipated return is 47 days away, and here's another glimpse at the new season. In the first photo (right above) we see Matt Caldwell, who's portrayed by actor Steve M. Robertson, chatting with Jimmy in his store 'Fred's Fish & Game'.

Paramount+ Bundle With Showtime Launches Today At $10 A Month

Great news for the American Dexter fans!


According to Deadline, ViacomCBS has officially begun marketing Paramount+ and Showtime’s streaming service as a combined offering, with an initial promotion starting at $10 a month.

Until midnight on October 20, subscribers can pay $10 for the ad-supported tier (with limited Paramount+ programming ads) or $13 for the ad-free option. As stand-alones, the two tiers of Paramount+ currently cost $5 and $10, while Showtime is at $11.

Monday, September 20, 2021

A New Dexter: New Blood Promo Has Emerged Featuring Another Glimpse At Harrison, And A New Deb Quote

New Harrison Morgan footage in the house!


Here's a brand new Dexter: New Blood promo that was shown last night during the 2021 Emmy Awards. It is a shorter version of the original trailer which was released on September 9, but if you actually pay more attention, it contains a new (and quite revealing!) Debra Morgan quote, and new footage of Jack Alcott as Dexter's long-lost son Harrison Morgan. Watch it below!

Various Dexter: New Blood Ads Aired During The 2021 Emmy Awards

A pleasant surprise for the Dexter fans. 

Image via The Boston Globe

If you were watching last night's Emmy Awards live on CBS, then you might have seen several ads for the upcoming season of Dexter that debuts on November 7. Some Dexter fans were actually surprised, and we collected some of their Twitter reactions, right below!

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Jamie Chung Reveals Her Character Molly Parker Will ‘Shake Things Up’ On Dexter: New Blood

The actress shared more details about her role as 'Molly Parker'!


Jamie Chung, recently spoke with website HollywoodLife about Dexter: New Blood, and she revealed some interesting and spoilery things about her role as a true-crime podcaster named Molly Parker. 

Read the interview below, and... beware of spoilers!

Friday, September 17, 2021

POLL: Grade Dexter Season 5 As a Whole

'Grade The Seasons' by DexterDaily. What did you think of the fifth season?


Dexter: New Blood is only 51 days away, and it is time for you to grade the first post-Clyde Phillips season of Dexter, aka season five!

Dexter Season 5 debuted on September 26th, 2010. It picks up minutes after the events of the season 4 finale. Dexter reels from Rita's murder, but tries to focus his energy on Harrison, Astor and Cody, and fight his dark urges. Quinn pursues the theory that Trinity did not kill Rita. Dexter unexpectedly meets Lumen, a near-victim of the 'Barrel Girl case' and tries to help her. Then they both start hunting down her former captors, one of them is Jordan Chase.

Grade Dexter's fifth season, below!