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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Showrunner Clyde Phillips Talks Season 9: "Dexter Has Moved To A Place Where There's Less Temptation, But..." [Spotify Podcast]

Executive producer and showrunner Clyde Phillips talks with Adam Ferrara about Dexter's return.

Clyde Phillips, mostly known for his amazing work in the first four seasons of Dexter as showrunner, sits down with The Adam Ferrara Podcast. He talks about his life, his decision to return to the franchise after all these years, the reason he left Dexter after season 4, and more.

Read below, the most important bits of his interview, and hit the play button on our Spotify player, to listen to the whole podcast! Minor spoilers ahead!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Dexter Revival Casting News - David Magidoff Joins Season 9 (+Character Description)

This just in! David Magidoff has been added to the cast of the forthcoming Dexter Revival.

According to an exclusive report from Deadline, David Magidoff, known for his recent role in the Apple TV+ series 'The Morning Show', is the seventh addition to the cast of the ninth season of Dexter. 

Check out below, details about the character he's going to portray, and beware of minor spoilers!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

POLL: Dexter Revival - Are 10 Episodes Enough, Or It Needs More Seasons?

Is Season 9 enough? Or 'Dexter' needs more episodes to tell its story after the 10-year time jump?

Dexter returns in fall 2021 on Showtime as a limited 10-episode series. Michael C. Hall will reprise his role as America's favorite serial killer again, seven years after the finale. After 96 episodes do you think that the upcoming 10 episodes are enough to tell Dexter's story for (maybe) one last time? 

There are plenty of examples from anthology series and mini-series, like Fargo, True Detective, The Undoing, American Horror Story and others, that actually prove that ten, or less episodes are more than enough to unfold new stories, introduce characters etc. Do you think a single 'Dexter' season can achieve that too? Vote in our poll below!

Monday, January 25, 2021

Dexter Revival Recruits Actor Michael Cyril Creighton For Recurring Role (+Character Info)

Another casting addition to the upcoming Dexter revival!

Actor Michael Cyril Creighton will be joining the 10-episode revival of Dexter, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reports. Creighton will have a recurring role, and his character will be called Fred Junior.

Check out below details about his role, and beware of minor spoilers!

Friday, January 22, 2021

Dexter Season 9 Scoop - First Details From the Filming Locations About Two Particular Scenes

Production for the upcoming highly anticipated Dexter revival begins in a few weeks, and we already have some interesting information about two scenes.

As you may already know, the 10-episode limited series will be filming in Massachusetts beginning February. Several websites from around the area are already covering the news about specific locations that have been "closed" by the production company.

Check out below some details about the two scenes that are scheduled to begin shooting soon. Beware of minor spoilers!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Michael C. Hall Teases 'Wild' Dexter Revival, Jokes About the Series Finale: "Everyone That Was Talking To Me Said They Loved It!" [Video]

In a new video interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Michael C. Hall discusses Dexter's return, the 2013 series finale and more.

Michael talks about his new alternative rock band "Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum" and the upcoming highly anticipated Dexter revival with ET Canada's Graeme O'Neil.

Regarding the return of America's favorite serial killer he says: "I’ve never returned to anything in this way, after this much time, and acting as if all the time that’s passed has in fact passed for the character and they just turn the cameras back on, it’s gonna be wild." He adds: "There’s definitely a desire to give the show, give the character, an ending that’s a little less confounding".

When asked about people's reaction to the series finale he jokes "I don’t know what you’re talking about… everyone that was talking to me said they loved it!”

Watch the full interview below. The Dexter part begins at 11:23.

Source: ET Canada

Sunday, January 17, 2021

POLL: Pick Three Elements From Past Dexter Seasons That Should Stay the Same In the Revival

Dexter revival begins shooting in a few weeks. Production will be located in a whole new area, near New York city. That means we should... forget the warm and vibrant Miami atmosphere of the past eight seasons of the show.

It's been seven and a half years since the finale aired, so obviously, things are going to change. Many of the features we chose in our poll below, are highly important for the show's original identity. Which elements/features from previous Dexter seasons do you think that should remain the same in the upcoming 10-episode limited series? You can pick up to three!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Michael C. Hall Talks Dexter Revival and Reveals He Visited Season 9 Set: "It's Real. It's Really Happening"

Michael C. Hall shared his excitement for his return as America's favorite serial killer, in an brand new interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Michael sits with Entertainment Tonight and Ash Crossan and spills info about the upcoming highly anticipated Dexter Revival, and opens up about why now, was the right time for the show to return:

"I've been approached, unofficially, many times in the streets by people who have ideas. But... I think there have been probably, before this, three legitimate ideas or concepts of what we might do and none of them felt right." 

Read the full interview below!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Dexter Season 9 - Revival Officially Set In Brand New Location, Filming Slated To Begin In February

Goodbye Miami, for... good!?

Weeks ago, we reported that the revival won't be set in Oregon or Miami. Looks like it is now official that America's favorite serial killer returns to the east coast, in a fictional little town named Iron Lake, in upstate New York. 

It is actually confirmed by Showtime, via Angela Bishop's (portrayed by actress Julia Jones) character description.

Production is slated to begin next month, and it will be based in Massachusetts.

More Dexter Revival Casting News - Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Jack Alcott and Johnny Sequoyah Join Season 9

More players join the game! Production for the Dexter Revival begins soon, and we have four new actors for the 10-episode limited series, such as info about the characters they're about to portray.

Deadline reports exclusively, that actors Julia Jones (The Mandalorian), Alano Miller (Sylvie’s Love), Johnny Sequoyah (Believe) and Jack Alcott (The Good Lord Bird) are the latest casting additions after Clancy Brown, for the upcoming ninth season of Dexter.

As we reported few weeks ago, filming will be located in Massachussetts.

Check out the descriptions about the new characters below and beware of minor spoilers!

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Dexter Revival Casting News - Clancy Brown Joins Season 9 As Series Regular For Major Role

Breaking news! Dexter taps Clancy Brown for a major role in the upcoming revival.

This just in! exclusively reports that Clancy Brown will be joining the upcoming limited series as a series regular. Warning, spoilers about his role, right below!

Monday, January 4, 2021

Michael C. Hall On the Criticism About the 'Unsatisfying' Finale - Wants The Dexter Revival To Make Up For It: "It's a Worth-Telling Story"

In an all-new interview, Michael C. Hall talks about the decision to step back into the role of America's favorite serial killer, negative criticism, and more.

Happy New Year, everyone! In his first interview since the announcement of the Dexter Revival, Michael C. Hall discusses the bad criticism the original 2013 series finale received, and the opportunity to restore Dexter's legacy with the upcoming 10-episode limited series, that premieres later this year. [via the Daily Beast].

When questioned about why he decided to finally say yes and do the Dexter Revival, a decision that took lots of years, he said: "It’s a conversation that’s been ongoing, and different possibilities have emerged over the years. I think in this case, the story that’s being told is worth telling in a way that other proposals didn’t, and I think enough time has passed where it’s become intriguing in a way that it wasn’t before. And let’s be real: people found the way that show left things pretty unsatisfying, and there’s always been a hope that a story would emerge that would be worth telling. I include myself in the group of people that wondered, “What the hell happened to that guy?” So I’m excited to step back into it. I’ve never had that experience of playing a character this many years on."

Read more after the jump below!