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Friday, July 14, 2023

Why There's No New Information About the Dexter Spinoffs and When To Expect Some News

It's been quite a long time since we got some Dexter news... right?


Six months ago, on February 6th of 2023 it was revealed to almost everyone's surprise, that Showtime and Paramount+ will be expanding the Dexter universe. Three new Dexter series including a sequel season to Dexter: New Blood starring Jack Alcott were greenlit, with the other two being a prequel series starring young Dexter and Debra in their early 20s, and a Trinity Killer prequel based on the early years of Arthur Mitchell. Showrunner Clyde Phillips will be involved with all of these shows.

Other projects are being discussed as well, with Showtime exploring other Dexter characters whom the network could develop for possible series.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Manny Coto Executive Producer of Season 5 & Writer For Dexter Seasons 5-8 Dies at 62

Coto first joined the Dexter crew as an executive producer in 2010.

From left to right: Manny Coto, Sara Colleton and Scott Buck | Getty Images/Jason LaVeris

Emmy-winning writer/producer/director Manny Coto, who has written 10 episodes of the original Dexter series has died Sunday in Pasadena at the age of 62 after a 13-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Born in Havana, Cuba, on June 10, 1961, Manuel Hector Coto was one of primetime’s most prominent writers and showrunners. 

Aside from Dexter, his credits include other popular TV shows such as “24” and its sequels “24: Live Another Day” and “24: Legacy,” as well as “American Horror Story,” and “Star Trek: Enterprise”.