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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WATCH! A Compilation of Dexter's Best Excuses Over the Last 7 Seasons

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Watch below an amazing brand new video from Showtime, dedicated to Dexter's excuses since the first season!

Dexter Season 8 - The Final Season - Press Release

Dexter (Season 8 – FINAL SEASON)

1 hour, 12 episodes - Premieres: Sunday, June 30th at 9pm (ET/PT)

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall in his Golden Globe and SAG Award-winning role as Dexter Morgan, a complicated and conflicted blood-spatter expert for the Miami police department. Season eight begins six months after LaGuerta’s murder – and Dexter is still managing life as a dad, brother, and serial killer. As Deb (series star Jennifer Carpenter) struggles to deal with the consequences of her actions, a mysterious woman comes to work with Miami Metro, offering first-hand information on Dexter’s past. The series also stars Desmond Harrington, C.S. Lee, Aimee Garcia, David Zayas, Geoff Pierson and James Remar. DEXTER is tied as the No. 1 rated series on SHOWTIME along with Homeland, watched by 6.2 million weekly viewers across platforms in its seventh season, its highest-rated yet. The season seven finale attracted 7.24 million viewers in the finale week, the series highest total week ever. Produced by SHOWTIME, DEXTER is executive produced by John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Scott Buck, Manny Coto, Tim Schlattmann, Wendy West, Jace Richdale and Michael C. Hall.

With over 13 million fans on Facebook and 440,000 followers on Twitter, DEXTER has one of the largest and most engaged fan communities among any television series. The series consistently ranks at the top of the iTunes charts, and is a leader in the "Social TV" space.

Two Months Until the Dexter Season 8 Premiere!

We are exactly two months away from the premiere of the eighth and final season of Dexter. Episode 8.01 "A Beautiful Day" premieres on Sunday, June 30 at 9pm!

Monday, April 29, 2013

LISTEN: Julie Benz and Jaime Murray on the Dexter Wrap-Up Podcast Hosted by Scott Reynolds

Hit the play button below to listen to the all-new special Dexter Wrap-Up featuring Dexter alums Julie Benz aka Rita and Jaime Murray aka Lila. The podcast lasts 90 minutes. Enjoy!

Dexter Season 8 Scoop - A Promotion and a New Criminal Case

Which character gets promoted? What's the new criminal case that should be adressed at the Miami Metro? Skip the jump to read some fresh Dexter Season 8 scoop from the newest behind-the-scenes video and beware of spoilers!

Rewatching Dexter - "Let's Give the Boy A Hand", "Love American Style", "Return to Sender"

Rewatching Dexter by DexterDaily. A look back at the past seasons of 'Dexter' and our favorite serial killer's victims. Today, we're going to remember episodes: 1.04 "Let's Give the Boy A Hand", 1.05 "Love American Style", 1.06 "Return to Sender". Hit the 'read more' button for more!

Dexter Season 8: In Production With David Zayas - Behind-the-Scenes Video

Get a sneak peek look at the filming of the eighth season of Dexter with star David Zayas. Watch the behind-the-scenes video, below:

Dexter Writer Scott Reynolds Holds Speech at EMU and Receives Doctor of Arts & Letters Award

A 1995 Eastern Michigan University graduate who rode out a series of menial jobs to become an award-winning screenwriter for the Showtime series "Dexter" offered his story as an example for 2013 graduates during a keynote speech Sunday at the Convocation Center in Ypsilanti.

“It was a long hard road, but (screenwriting) was and is what I’ve always wanted to do,” Scott Reynolds said during the morning commencement ceremony. “And that’s what you want to say about your life, right? Achieving your dream? Not just living for the weekend. Getting the desires of your heart.”

After graduating from Eastern with a degree in English literature and theater and a minor in film studies, Reynolds moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream to become a screenwriter. Seven years later, Reynolds said he still hadn’t sold a screenplay or been staffed on a show and began to watch his friends start to give up on their dreams and move back home. Read the whole article, here.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Filming Dexter Season 8 - Twitter Scoop From the Set

Another week on set for the cast and crew is over and a new one begins tomorrow. Episode 8.07 of Dexter's final season began production and we have for you all the scoop from the set of Season 8. Skip the jump to take a look at what the cast and crew of Dexter tweeted this week.

POLL: What Did You Think of the Latest Dexter & Deb Teasers?

Showtime unveiled two exciting new teasers ('Behind a Mask' and 'Killer or Innocent Victim') about Dexter and Deb for the eighth season of Dexter. Rewatch 'em here and see screencaps here. What did you think of these spots? Vote below!

Dexter Season 8 - New Photos of Michael C. Hall, Desmond Harrington and Charlotte Rampling

Check out below, five new photos from the forthcoming episodes of the final season of Dexter featuring Michael C. Hall, Desmond Harrington and Charlotte Rampling.

Rewatching Dexter - 1.01 "Dexter", 1.02 "Crocodile", 1.03 "Popping Cherry"

Rewatching Dexter by DexterDaily. A look back at the past seasons of 'Dexter' and our favorite serial killer's victims. Today, we're going to remember episodes: 1.01 "Dexter", 1.02 "Crocodile", 1.03 "Popping Cherry". Hit the 'read more' button for more!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

LOOK: 50 Screencaps From the Dexter & Deb Teasers

"Who is Deb now? A killer? Or just an innocent victim of my mistakes?" Check out after the jump, 50 screencaps from the brilliant and nicely done Dexter and Deb teasers of the eighth and final season of Dexter!

Dexter Season 8 Casting Scoop - 24's Julian Sands to Guest has learned exclusively that 24 villain Julian Sands will appear on Dexter. Sands, whose TV credits also include CW's Smallville, ABC's Castle and CBS's Person of Interest, will play Miles Foster, a wealthy international businessman. Further details on his role are being kept under wraps.

The actor was spotted by one of our readers on April 25 when Michael C. Hall was shooting that scene.

WATCH! Two All-New Stunning Teasers For the Final Season of Dexter

Holy crap! Showtime released exclusively via Vulture two brand new teasers about Dexter and Deb for the upcoming eighth and final season of Dexter! Skip the jump to see them and share your thoughts and your excitement, in the comment section!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dexter Season 8 - New Set Photos (Apr. 26)

Dexter is shooting at 5916 Carlton Way in L.A. today. Hit the 'read more' button to see new fresh set photos from Wally Crowder about episode 8.07 "Dress Code", which is being filmed right now!

David Zayas Attends USC Libraries Flash Play [Photos]

In an instant, Doheny Library's Nazarian Pavilion courtyard became the scene today of the first in a series of live, pop-up plays staged by the USC Libraries and USC School of Dramatic Arts Professor Oliver Mayer. Directed by USC School of Dramatic Arts graduate Jonathan Munoz-Proulx, the performance featured USC student actors and captured the essential role of libraries in creative and intellectual discovery.

Guest star David Zayas played himself, touting the wealth of resources available at the USC Libraries. "Aren't you on TV," a student actor asked him in the flash play. "Aren't you on Dexter?". Skip the jump to see more photos.

'Rewatching Dexter' - Coming Soon on DexterDaily

On the occasion of the 'final season' announcement, we're about to take a look back at the past seasons of Dexter, with recaps about each episode. "Rewatching Dexter": Coming on DexterDaily, beginning this weekend.

Dexter Season 8 Premiere - Episode 8.01 - Title Revealed

At last! The title of the Season 8 premiere episode of Dexter has been revealed. It will be called... "A Beautiful Day". Any thoughts on the title? Sound off!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dexter Season 8 - New Set Photos (Apr. 25)

Dexter is shooting episode 8.07 today, which is called "Dress Code". Michael C. Hall was spotted filming the episode today, April 25th. Skip the jump below, to view two new images from the set.

Dexter Season 8 - 'Vetting, Stalking and Killing' - Promo Breakdown

Last Friday, Showtime released a new promo - short trailer about the upcoming eighth and final season of Dexter. The promo is called 'Vetting, Stalking, Killing' and lasts 30 seconds which are enough to reveal some great stuff from the upcoming episodes. In the video we get a first look at Charlotte Rampling's character as Dr. Evelyn Vogel. Skip the jump to view our analysis for the promo. Beware of spoilers.

Listen: Songs From the Dexter Season 8 Promos

Showtime has released six Dexter promos and one sneak peek clip so far. The majority of the spots are accompanied with some cool tracks which can be addictive if you watch the promos again and again. We did a little research, and we have for you the songs from four Dexter Season 8 Showtime promos. Hear 'em all, below!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dexter Season 8 - 'Final Symphony' - BRAND NEW Promo

Check out a nostalgic and haunting one-minute spot obtained exclusively by TVLine which shows Dex’s most memorable kills and closest calls over the past seven seasons, culminating in the epic conclusion to last year’s finale. Watch it after the jump!

Dexter Season 8 Episode 7 - Filming Has Begun

Halfway through the final season! The seventh episode of the eighth season of Dexter began shooting today. It will be called "Dress Code", and airs on August 11th.

Dexter Season 8 - Premiere Date For Canada

Good news, Canadian fans! The eighth and final season of Dexter premieres in Canada on Sunday, June 30 at 9 p.m. E.T. on The Movie Network in Eastern Canada, and Movie Central in Western Canada and the Territories.

Sean Patrick Flanery at Fan Expo 2013 - Q&A Video

Check out below a Q&A video of new Dexter guest star Sean Patrick Flanery, at the Fan Expo 2013:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aimee Garcia and Bethany Joy Lenz on the Set of Dexter Season 8 [Photo]

Aimee Garcia and new guest star Bethany Joy Lenz on the set of the sixth episode of Dexter's final season. 'Jamie Batista' tweeted the above photo few minutes ago:

Dexter - Episode 8.05 "This Little Piggy" - Details

Here's few details about the fifth episode of the final season, which will be called "This Little Piggy". The episode is written by Scott Reynolds (2.10, 3.09, 4.08,  4.12, 5.10, 6.05, 6.10, 7.05, 7.10) and directed by Romeo Tirone. "This Little Piggy" wrapped production few days ago and airs on July 28th.

John Lithgow Will Be Scott Reynolds' Next Guest on the Dexter 'Wrap-Up' Podcast

Exciting news! Dexter alum John Lithgow who played the Big Bad Trinity Killer in the fourth season, will be the next guest on the 'Wrap-Up' podcast, hosted by writer and producer Scott Reynolds. If you have any questions for John Lithgow, post them as comment here.

You can also vote for the actor you want to hear on the next 'Wrap-Up' podcasts, here.

Monday, April 22, 2013

POLL: Is a Dexter Spinoff About Deb a Good Idea?

After Showtime's official announcement about the eighth season of Dexter being show's last, rumors of a potential spinoff series centering on Deb began to surface. Few days ago, when he was asked about it, Showtime President David Nevins told THR: "All options are on the table as to where it could go after this. I won't rule it out, but I'm not actively planning anything." What do you think? Is a spinoff about Deb a good idea? Vote below and discuss!

Dexter Season 8 Teaser Photo - 'The End Begins'

Showtime released this teaser photo for the eighth and final season of Dexter, via its official Facebook page. The end begins 6/30.

Aimee Garcia Talks Vegas For AfterBuzz TV [Video]

Dexter co-star Aimee Garcia joined the Afterbuzz TV Aftershow today. She talked about CBS's TV show 'Vegas' she also stars, as Yvonne Sanchez. Skip the jump to watch the video.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

WATCH: Dexter Season 8 - 'Breathless' - New Promo

Take a look at an all-new Dexter and Ray Donovan promo below. Video shows old and new Dexter footage:

Geoff Pierson Upped to Series Regular For Dexter Season 8

Geoff Pierson aka Deputy Chief Tom Matthews, has been promoted to series regular for the eighth and final season. The actor has played on the show for 31 episodes since the first season and according to Showtime's press release, he's included to the co-stars of Dexter for the forthcoming season.

Pierson is not the first actor who has been upped to regular this year. On February 5th it was announced that Aimee Garcia has been added to the Season 8 roster.

Dexter Season 8 Sneak Peek Analysis - Eight Things We Learned

On the first sneak peek clip which was released few days ago, we finally got a first look at Dexter and Deb's relationship after what happened in the trailer, in the Season 7 finale. The excerpt of the clip is from episode 8.01 which airs on Sunday, June 30. Hit the 'read more' button to see what we learned from the sneak peek.

First Dexter Season 8 Sneak Peek - More Than 1 Million Views on YouTube In Less Than 3 Days

Showtime released its first sneak peek look at the upcoming final season of Dexter last Thursday. The two-minute video has already more than 1,000,000 hits on YouTube.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Aimee Garcia Is Scott Reynolds' Next Guest on the 'Wrap-Up Podcast'

Dexter co-star Aimee Garcia, is the next guest on the 'Wrap-Up' podcast, hosted by writer and producer Scott Reynolds. She will be talking about her character Jamie, Final Season and more. The audio podcast will be released soon.

Filming Dexter Season 8 - Twitter Scoop From the Set

Another week on set for the cast and crew is over. Episode 8.06 of Dexter's final season is still in production and we have for you all the news from the set of Season 8. Skip the jump to take a look at what the cast and crew of Dexter tweeted this week.

Friday, April 19, 2013

LOOK: Spoilery Screencaps From the Latest Dexter Season 8 Trailer

Showtime released a short trailer about the upcoming final season of Dexter, which you can watch exclusively at The video shows some new pretty spoilery footage from the first few episodes of Season 8. We gathered screencaps from the promo below. View 'em all after the jump!

Dexter Season 8 The Final Season - Official Trailer!

UPDATE: YouTube version. "This Season Is Going to Be a Knockout". This is just in! Showtime released via Entertainment Weekly a brand new mini trailer about the forthcoming  eighth and final season of Dexter! The video contains all new footage and spoilers. Watch it below!

Showtime President David Nevins Discusses the Plan to End Dexter, Possible Spinoff and More

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Showtime President David Nevins to discuss the plan to end Dexter, if he thinks there's room for the series to spawn a spinoff and more.

THR: Was it always the plan to wrap Dexter when the series was renewed for seasons seven and eight in November 2011?
Nevins: It was always a likely plan; I always said that was likely. I felt like the right timing was to announce it firmly just in advance of its last season. The show has such loyal, passionate and intense fans and I wanted to handle it the right way. It was always the likely scenario. I wanted to leave the possibility that if something changed as the creators developed it but it became clear as we talked in between last season and this season that they had an end game. Once Deb crossed the line she did when she found out, it was leading to the end game.

THR: How much input are you having on the final trajectory of what happens with this character?
Nevins: I'm certainly involved in the discussions. The creative is being fundamentally driven by [showrunner] Scott Buck and John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton and Michael C. Hall. They've been the bedrock of this show and this character since the beginning. I have input but I don't want to give any suggestions about where it's going to end. I'm really excited. How we end the show is really important; this is such a core franchise and it's important we do it the right way. They have an amazing and fitting end in store. Read the whole interview, after the jump.

POLL: Season 8 of Dexter Will Be the Last - How Do You Feel About It?

This is it. The official countdown to the final season of Dexter is on. Showtime announced yesterday, that the upcoming season will be the last. How do you feel about that decision? Vote below and sound off!

Dexter Season 8 - The Final Season to Debut July 2013 In the UK

Great news for the UK Dexter fans. The upcoming eighth and final season of Dexter will premiere on FOX UK only few days after the US, the network announced earlier today.

Sean Patrick Flanery Spills Info About His Role: "Most of My Character Dealings Are With [Spoiler]"

New Dexter special guest star Sean Patrick Flanery gave a spoilery interview recently, about his role as Jacob Elroy in the forthcoming season. What kind of relationship will there be, between Jacob, Dexter and Deb? What's his opinion on the final season of the show? Skip the jump to watch his interview.

WATCH: Emily Sofia's Dexter Season 8 Sneak Peek Review!

So... did you survive the madness of Dexter's first official season eight sneak peek? If yes, check out my review on all of the complex and painful interactions we witnessed in those harrowing two minutes! If barely, don't worry; you're not alone in this insanity! Watch my vlog here or below to get my reactions and commentary on the significance of what's happening and why this is only the beginning of what's going to be a spectacular and hard-hitting journey! Note that the sneak peek footage is from the season premiere episode. So let's hash this out. How do you guys feel about the fresh footage: was it unfair of Showtime to wage this emotional warfare on us with such an intense snippet? Or do you think this is the perfect way for fans to be introduced to the season? How do you think things might change from here? Leave all of your comments and feel free to ask me questions directly on my Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook fanpage! I love you all like crazy. I will start doing more written reviews here on DexterDaily soon! Cheers! (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dexter Season 8 Scoop - Will There Be a Time Jump?

Will there be a time skip in the forthcoming season, after what happened in the Season 7 finale? Hit the 'read more' button to find out!