Dexter Season 8 Scoop - A Promotion and a New Criminal Case

Which character gets promoted? What's the new criminal case that should be adressed at the Miami Metro? Skip the jump to read some fresh Dexter Season 8 scoop from the newest behind-the-scenes video and beware of spoilers!

Have you seen the new BTS video of Dexter featuring David Zayas? If not, watch it here, because the following spoilers are about this one.

Did you see that? Well, it's not clear in the above photo, so, take a closer look at Sergeant Batista's badge, below:

That's right. Angel Batista will get promoted to Lieutenant in the upcoming final season of Dexter. Last season we saw Batista announcing and celebrating his retirement, but it seems like LaGuerta's death is going to change his plans for good. What does that mean for Deb?

"The Brain Surgeon Murders" will be the (first?) significant case for the upcoming eighth season. In the picture we see the names of two male victims, Robert Bailey, 42 and Leonard Walks, 35. Will there be a new Big Bad? And how much involved is Charlotte Rampling's character to that?

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