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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dexter Season 8 Sneak Peek Analysis - Eight Things We Learned

On the first sneak peek clip which was released few days ago, we finally got a first look at Dexter and Deb's relationship after what happened in the trailer, in the Season 7 finale. The excerpt of the clip is from episode 8.01 which airs on Sunday, June 30. Hit the 'read more' button to see what we learned from the sneak peek.

Few things we learned from the first sneak peek clip:

- It's been weeks since LaGuerta's death.

- Deb hasn't returned any of Dexter's messages or calls.

- Deb is working on a case. That's why she looks different.

- Deb has been ignoring Dexter, and he sneaks up on her at the store.

- Deb tells Dexter she hates him, that he made her compromise herself. He disagrees.

- Deb tells Dexter that she shot the wrong person in the Season 7 finale.

- Dexter looks very concerned about Deb during the video.

- Deb drops 9 f-bombs.

Take a look at the sneak peek again and read the Dex-Deb conversation below:

 Deb: "What the f*ck".

Dexter: "Deb what's going on?"

Deb: "I'm working a case. You should get the f*ck out."

Dexter: "You found your guy. Why haven't you brought him in?"

Deb: "What the f*ck, how'd you know what I'm doing?"

Dexter: "I talked to Elroy."

Deb: "You talked to Elroy?"

Dexter: "He said you hadn't checked in. I was scared something happened."

Deb: "I'm fine. You should get the f*ck out."

Dexter: "Deb you haven't talked to me in weeks. You haven't returned any of my calls. You completely missed LaGuerta's memorial."

Deb: "Jesus Christ. I wonder why."

Dexter: "Would you please erase the messages on your phone? No one has heard from you."

Deb: "I'm getting f*cking close to [...] so I can get the jewelry before he fences it. Alright? I'm a professional working a case. Why don't you get the f*ck out of here before you ruin it."

Dexter: "Are you having sex with that guy?"

Deb: "What the f*ck! My life is none of your business. Go."

Dexter: "No, I'm not leaving."

Deb: "F*ck you. Do you want to know why I'm not returning your phone calls? Cause I don't want to talk to you. And I really don't want to f*cking see you."

Dexter: "Why?"

Deb: "Why?! Because you made me compromise everything about myself that I care about. And I hate you for it."

Dexter: "No you don't."

Deb: "I shot the wrong person in that trailer."

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