WATCH: Emily Sofia's Dexter Season 8 Sneak Peek Review!

So... did you survive the madness of Dexter's first official season eight sneak peek? If yes, check out my review on all of the complex and painful interactions we witnessed in those harrowing two minutes! If barely, don't worry; you're not alone in this insanity! Watch my vlog here or below to get my reactions and commentary on the significance of what's happening and why this is only the beginning of what's going to be a spectacular and hard-hitting journey! Note that the sneak peek footage is from the season premiere episode. So let's hash this out. How do you guys feel about the fresh footage: was it unfair of Showtime to wage this emotional warfare on us with such an intense snippet? Or do you think this is the perfect way for fans to be introduced to the season? How do you think things might change from here? Leave all of your comments and feel free to ask me questions directly on my Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook fanpage! I love you all like crazy. I will start doing more written reviews here on DexterDaily soon! Cheers! (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

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