Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Begins Filming In New York City In January 2025 (Rumor)

According to a source, the spinoff series based on Harrison Morgan will be announced soon.

While Dexter: Original Sin starring Patrick Gibson, Christian Slater, Patrick Dempsey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and more, is currently filming its first episodes in Los Angeles, a new rumor has emerged from a known source about another previously announced spinoff. Although this source has been reliable in the past, we advise caution, which is why we've labeled it as a rumor.

The second season of Dexter: New Blood is reportedly in the works and set to begin filming in January 2025, according to The Cinemaholic. Jack Alcott will reprise his role as Harrison Morgan, and he is the only actor confirmed to return.

Notably, the same website accurately reported the production date for Dexter: Original Sin (previously known as Dexter: Origins) months before Showtime and Paramount+ officially announced the show's cast after 15 months of complete silence about any spinoff.

The source claims that filming for the show will take place in New York City and is scheduled to run from January 6, 2025, to June 21, 2025.

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For those unfamiliar, Showtime announced on February 6, 2023, that it would expand the Dexter franchise with three spinoff shows. One of them, Dexter: Original Sin, is now in production. Below is last year's announcement from Showtime and Paramount+ about the Harrison spinoff:

DEXTER: NEW BLOOD is a new incarnation of the 2021-22 drama that became the most-watched series in SHOWTIME history.
The drama focuses on Dexter’s son Harrison, who survived his tumultuous reintroduction with his father and flees to New York City where he must wrestle with his own violent nature and whether, like his father, he too is compelled to kill. DEXTER: NEW BLOOD will explore the kinds of themes and scenarios seen in the original series on SHOWTIME but through a new lens.

The first season of Dexter: New Blood, still considered a miniseries, concludes with Harrison killing his father. Although Dexter typically only kills those he deems deserving, he murders Sergeant Logan in an attempt to avoid a reunion with Angel Batista, who is on his way, and to escape Iron Lake with Harrison. In a twist of fate, Harrison punishes Dexter by killing him with Dexter's consent. Angela Bishop then urges Harrison to leave town to avoid being implicated in the murder. The season ends with Harrison driving away to start anew.

During its ten-episode run, Dexter: New Blood drew eight million weekly viewers across all platforms, becoming the network’s most-watched series ever.

Clyde Phillips, who developed Dexter: New Blood, continues to serve as the showrunner for the series' sophomore installment as well.

“Harrison is such a complicated character and he has within him the seeds of the dark passenger. He’s capable. Look at that takedown of Dexter in the end; what’s in Harrison is that he has to kill this man.”

Just like with Dexter: Original Sin, time will tell if this source is accurate. If so, we can expect casting news for Dexter: New Blood Season 2 soon!

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