Dexter Season 8 - 'Vetting, Stalking and Killing' - Promo Breakdown

Last Friday, Showtime released a new promo - short trailer about the upcoming eighth and final season of Dexter. The promo is called 'Vetting, Stalking, Killing' and lasts 30 seconds which are enough to reveal some great stuff from the upcoming episodes. In the video we get a first look at Charlotte Rampling's character as Dr. Evelyn Vogel. Skip the jump to view our analysis for the promo. Beware of spoilers.

In the beginning of the promo we see Dexter attacking to a driver. The actor's name is Lewis Powell. We don't have further information about his character's name. The fact that the driver's daughter is inside the man's car, doesn't bother Dexter, who looks really wrathful.

In another footage from the short trailer, we see Dexter fighting with a guy. According to one of our readers, this scene takes place in a motel.

The guy is Entourage's Rhys Coiro who plays tough bail jumper that Deb is tracking.

Dexter grabs a knife, stabs and kills (?) Rhys Coiro's character in front of her. Deb is in shock again:

Dexter visits Dr. Evelyn Vogel, played by Charlotte Ramping. We are finally getting a first look at her role.

Rampling plays a neuro-psychiatrist who specializes in working with young psychopaths and profiling criminals in unorthodox ways. According to her, without psychopaths, mankind wouldn't exist today. Dexter looks upset during his visit to her office.

Old habits die hard. Dexter is stalking his next victim:

If you are still wondering who that woman is, the answer is Victoria Vertuga. Didn't help? Well, she has been cast for the first episode of season 8 to play, the role of a 'Hot Soccer Mom'. Dex probably meets her, here - (Set photo from 801). We see her in Dex's bedroom ready to have sex with him.

Dex is still thinking of Hannah while looking at her flower.

Deb looks really angry. We see her crying and telling to Dexter that she's not like him.


"Vetting, stalking and killing people, the one thing I've always been good at." -Dexter

"It's what I do" -Dexter

"I shot the wrong person in that trailer" -Deb

"Without psychopaths, mankind wouldn't exist today" -Dr. Evelyn

"There's a lot of mankind that doesn't exist because of them" -Dexter

"Go back to your little life, and pretend that everything is fine, but I can't do that because I'm not like you!" -Deb

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