Dexter Writer Scott Reynolds Holds Speech at EMU and Receives Doctor of Arts & Letters Award

A 1995 Eastern Michigan University graduate who rode out a series of menial jobs to become an award-winning screenwriter for the Showtime series "Dexter" offered his story as an example for 2013 graduates during a keynote speech Sunday at the Convocation Center in Ypsilanti.

“It was a long hard road, but (screenwriting) was and is what I’ve always wanted to do,” Scott Reynolds said during the morning commencement ceremony. “And that’s what you want to say about your life, right? Achieving your dream? Not just living for the weekend. Getting the desires of your heart.”

After graduating from Eastern with a degree in English literature and theater and a minor in film studies, Reynolds moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream to become a screenwriter. Seven years later, Reynolds said he still hadn’t sold a screenplay or been staffed on a show and began to watch his friends start to give up on their dreams and move back home. Read the whole article, here.

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