Filming Dexter Season 8 - Twitter Scoop From the Set

Another week on set for the cast and crew is over and a new one begins tomorrow. Episode 8.07 of Dexter's final season began production and we have for you all the scoop from the set of Season 8. Skip the jump to take a look at what the cast and crew of Dexter tweeted this week.

Jennifer Carpenter tweeted the following during the last day of shooting episode 8.06 "A Little Reflection":

Costume designer of Dexter, Kathleen Felix Hager shared a photo of James Remar on the set of Season 8. Click the instagram link to open the image.

She also expressed her melancholic feelings about the end of Dexter...

Dexter stunt coordinator Wally Crowder, sent us the following photo director Alik Sakharov's monitors during shooting the seventh episode which is called "Dress Code".

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