Jennifer Carpenter's Return In Dexter Season 9 Confirmed By Television Sites

Popular TV websites just confirmed what we... already knew since February!


On Tuesday, John Lithgow who played Arthur Mitchell in the fourth season of Dexter did an... oopsie by including Jennifer Carpenter's name between the people involved with the ninth season. 

Minutes after Lithgow's interview for Deadline, various popular entertainment and TV websites such as TVGuide, EW, TVLine etc confirmed her return, even though Showtime and Jennifer herself avoided to respond.

Deb's "resurrection" was quite obvious (so many evidence!) since earlier this year, and DexterDaily was the first website that revealed and confirmed her return to the franchise.

How will Debra come back? Continue reading for more!

All the clues about Debra Morgan in the ninth season:

1. Valentine's day 2021: Jennifer Carpenter posted a video from Massachusetts on Instagram that she deleted few minutes later. She was running at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum which is located in Lincoln, MA. See original article here.

2. March 2021: Some of her most recent follows on Instagram back then, included revival directors Sanford Bookstaver, Marcos Siega, and actress Julia Jones who will play Angela Bishop.

3. She shared every Dexter Season 9 teaser trailer on her Instagram account.

4. She was tagged by director Marcos Siega in various Instagram pics from the set. See original article here.

5. Last but not least, the biggest evidence yet. Jennifer's... notorious Instagram photo from the Dexter set. View article here.

How will Debra Morgan return? Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer is expected to return "via a series of flashbacks". 

Sure, Deb flashbacks will be a thing, but THR's statement isn't entirely true. Deb is going to replace Harry Morgan in Dexter's subconcious.

Her comeback is expected to be officially announced through the first Showtime trailer which will debut on July 25th at Comic-Con @ Home 2021.

Welcome back, Jen!

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