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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Jennifer Carpenter In Dexter Season 9 - All The Clues That Confirm Debra's Return In The Revival

Deborah Morgan in the new season?  Let's see all the indications... so far.


Will Jennifer Carpenter return in the ninth season of Dexter? Every Dexter fan is wondering, but nothing is confirmed officially.. at least yet. Well, we're here to help again! Back in February we posted that first major clue about her come back in an article that quickly went viral.

This time, we gathered all the indications that confirm Debra Morgan's return in the Dexter Revival! View them all, below!

There are three major clues thus far. Let's start with the one DexterDaily readers already know about:

1. Her deleted Instagram post from Massachusetts (where the Dexter set is located).

Back in early February, Jennifer was running at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum which is located in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Of course we covered this back in mid February. View original post here. Let's hope Jennifer wasn't mad when she saw that we saved and reposted her deleted video! 😅

The Jaume Plensa sculpture is some kind of a landmark for the area of Lincoln. Here's the full video Jen posted, and then deleted (by our friend Emily).

2. Some of her most recent follows on Instagram include season nine directors Sanford Bookstaver, Marcos Siega, AND actress Julia Jones who will play Angela Bishop.

We did some... research at Jennifer Carpenter's most recent following accounts too. Director Sanford Bookstaver, writer Scott Reynolds, director Marcos Siega and Julia Jones the new actress of the revival who's going to portray Angela Bishop are among them.

3. She was tagged by director Marcos Siega in an Instagram photo from the set.

During week 3 of shooting, Marcos Siega who will direct six episodes of the new season tagged all the officially confirmed actors who will appear in the Revival. Jennifer is not officially announced yet, but she's tagged among them.

These indications are more than enough to confirm Jennifer Carpenter's return. Deb won't be brought back to life, of course. As Clyde Phillips said in a recent interview, what's done is done. Ghost Deb (a la Harry) and flashbacks is the way to go. Her come back as Dexter's "dark passenger" will be some kind of a "proper" conclusion to her arc.

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