Jennifer Carpenter Shares Photo From The Set Of Dexter Season 9? - Here's Another Big Clue About Deb's Return!

Hello, Debra Morgan.

Jennifer Carpenter shared the photo above on her Instagram account last night, followed by the description: "Work is weird this year. Is there where I say something like- #setlife 🥴😂".  Sure, she didn't even mention the show she's been working on. As a result, Dexter fans filled the comment section with Deb-related replies.
For the past few weeks here on DexterDaily we've been trying to figure out if Jennifer will be returning for the new season of the show. Last month we posted this, and most recently these clues (both went viral) about her come back. Needless to say, we didn't have any doubt regarding her actual return, but a little detail from her new Instagram photo 100% confirms Deb Morgan's return in the Dexter revival!

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DexterDaily did a little 'research' in order to find any clues or similarities between Jennifer Carpenter's pic and previous crew photos. And it was definitely worth it!

So... do you see this? It is called a "production badge". Crew members from movies and TV shows wear this on the set. 

Take a closer look at the red colors on the production badge. Then look where the red arrow points in the photo below. 👇

That's a pic from Sanford Bookstaver (who's the director of the Season 9 Premiere). You can see that the production badge on the left has the exact same red color as the one in Jennifer's photo.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at the following photo by Scott Reynolds. 

Now, all three photos side by side. The Dexter logo in the first pic is not fully visible due to sunlight, or because it was blurred by Jennifer on purpose.

Well... 😎 

Welcome back, Jen! 👐

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