Roundup: Everything We Know So Far About the Dexter Spinoff

The spinoff is yet to be announced, but we gathered everything we know thus far.

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Was Dexter's death, the death of the franchise? Definitely no. Showtime first expressed their interest about continuing the saga by releasing a survey just a couple of weeks after the finale, asking their subscribers about the likelihood of watching a new Dexter show that followed characters such as Deb, Angela, Harrison and Dex. Nothing official from the network ever since, until August 25, when CEO and Chairman David Nevins revealed he's currently busy working on the script. On today's article we gathered every cast and crew member dropping hints about a potential Dexter spinoff in various interviews, throughout the last eight months.

1. January 2022 | Clyde Phillips (showrunner)

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Clyde Phillips is definitely on board. On January 9th, in an interview with TVLine which was published right after the Dexter: New Blood finale aired on Showtime, showrunner Clyde Phillips revealed that when it comes to a continuation of the franchise "It’s all in Showtime's hands". He continued: "if they were to call me and say, ‘We want to do Harrison. We want you to figure it out,’ I’m pretty busy, but I would drop everything I’m doing and jump right into it. I would love to do it, but it’s really up to Showtime."

2. April 2022 | Pat Irwin (composer)

Back in April composer Pat Irwin said in an interview with Horror Buzz that he would love to be back for a spinoff show about Harrison: "I would definitely return. I think it would be a new show. I don’t know where the location would be. For some reason, during those final minutes, I felt like Harrison was driving to the Midwest. I don’t know why. For all I know, he could be driving back to Miami. But I would go back to a more tuneful place. Maybe we’d have to recall bits of Dexter: New Blood the way I recalled parts of the original Dexter. I don’t have a clue what the plans are if any, but I think I would want it to be a little more tuneful and melodic. I’d like to bring in more guitars, which I did bring in occasionally for Harrison. Take it from there and build up a new sound."

3. June 2022 | Marcos Siega (director)

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Months later, in early summer, director and executive producer of Dexter: New Blood Marcos Siega suggested that he can see a future for Harrison after the finale: "Yes, I could. I think anybody could, if you watch the show, because there's a guy out there who's a lot like his father. Sure... absolutely there could be".

4. June 2022 | Michael C. Hall

In late June, during a 'Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum' interview on Scott Lipps of the Lipps Service podcast, Michael C. Hall responded the following when questioned about returning as Dexter in the future: "I've learned to say never say never about anything, you know, the show ended in a pretty definitive way in this final reboot season, I don't have any calendar date to mark when I'll be pretend to play that guy anymore. I feel proud of the whole of it, and I'm glad that we went back and revisited the character and gave the show a sort of ending it needed... I think. I don't know, it's kinda nice to be released".

5. June 2022 | Jack Alcott 

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Jack Alcott is more that excited to do it. During the same month, in an interview with Gold Derby, Jack Alcott revealed in a very exciting tone that he's definitely down for a show based on Harrison Morgan as a main character: "I've never gotten to explore a role this complex for this long, get to live with a character for six months and be discovering new pieces about it every day. If a Dexter spinoff comes his way will Jack say yes? "Yeah oh my gosh, get the chance to map this interesting complex human being and be on TV yeah OMG that would be... I'm definitely... Showtime... definitely down through that!"

6. August 2022 | David Nevins (Chairman and CEO of Showtime)

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A Dexter spinoff is unofficially in the works at Showtime. Last but not least, we have last week's statement by David Nevins who revealed that he is 'actively working' on the future of the Dexter franchise: "There are a lot of things that I am working on. I don’t want to mention things until they are ready. There are a lot of things. What is the future the Dexter franchise? I am actively working on that." In another interview with Sky, he called Dexter: New Blood a "rebirth of the franchise".

It all started with Clyde Phillips suggesting that it's all on Showtime's hands and he would drop everything he's doing and jump right into writing a Dexter spinoff. Where are we now? The network and its boss David Nevins are focused on developing the script. 

Who's gonna be the main protagonist of the spinoff? Well, it is pretty obvious based on the above interviews, that Jack Alcott will be reprising his role as Harrison Morgan. Perhaps that was the purpose of his arc on Dexter: New Blood to begin with.

Nevertheless, if we consider the audience's negative feedback about Harrison's actions in the final moments of episode 10 "Sins of the Father", Showtime might change direction and focus on other characters. This is just conjecture, but will definitely find out in the next days, weeks, or months.

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