Michael C. Hall Says It Is Nice To Be Released From Dexter: "I'm Glad We Gave It An Ending It Needed, I Think"

A new Michael C. Hall interview for Scott Lipps' podcast 'Lipps Service'.


Michael C. Hall and Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum bandmates Peter Yanowitz and Matt Katz were interviewed by Scott Lipps of the Lipps Service podcast a couple of days ago. They mostly talked about their band, but thankfully the host was nice enough to ask him a few things about the final episode of Dexter: New Blood "Sins of the Father". The series wrapped in a "pretty definitive" way, with a finale it needed, according to Michael. Read more and listen to the interview right below!

When asked by host Scott Lipps if he's sad that Dexter has ended, and if it could possibly come back, Michael responded: "I've learned to say never say never about anything, you know, the show ended in a pretty definitive way in this final reboot season, I don't have any calendar date to mark when I'll be pretend to play that guy anymore. I feel proud of the whole of it, and I'm glad that we went back and revisited the character and gave the show a sort of ending it needed... I think [smiles]. I don't know, it's kinda nice to be released".

Hit the play button below to hear the part where Michael talks about the final episode of Dexter: New Blood!

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