Showtime Releases Survey For Their Subscribers Asking About A Possible Dexter: New Blood Spinoff

The network wants to keep the Dexter universe alive!


The divisive finale of Dexter: New Blood was released 18 days ago, and the dust doesn't seem to settle as quickly as expected. This season was a huge success for Showtime, as it was their most watched TV series ever. And that's the reason they'd like more than anything to keep the franchise alive, despite the fact that our favorite fictional serial killer is now dead.

Showtime recently released a survey which is exclusively available for their subscribers, asking for their opinion regarding a continuation that follows a character or characters from Dexter: New Blood.

As you can see in the screenshot from the TalkSHO website, the first question is asking subscribers about the likelihood of watching a TV show based on Dexter: New Blood characters. 

Showtime | TalkSHO

The most interesting part, is the last question: Which characters they expect to see in a possible spinoff/continuation. The options include characters such as Debra Morgan, Angela Bishop, Harrison, Dexter (!), and a blank one in case there's another character in mind.

In various post-finale interviews, Showrunner Clyde Phillips suggested that he's definitely on board if Showtime asks him to write for a possible second season or spinoff based on Harrison: "No decisions have been made, but I personally am wide open to it, would love to do it, but this is Showtime's decision, and I think part of what’s going to drive that is not only that it's a show that is hugely successful right now".

In a similar poll that we posted here on DexterDaily few days ago, we asked fans which version of a second season would they watch. 9,120 votes later, the results so far are quite interesting. Click here to view the poll.

Things after the finale don't seem good for Dexter's long-lost son, since a large portion of the fans seem to dislike the character, and Showtime is definitely aware of the feedback. Who would you vote for in that survey?

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