Marcos Siega Says Dexter: New Blood Was Easily the Best Experience of His Career, Teases Harrison Spinoff: "There's a Guy Out There Who's A Lot Like His Father" [Video]

"Sure... absolutely there could be."

Showtime/Gold Derby

Gold Derby editor Denton Davidson recently hosted a webchat with Dexter: New Blood director and Executive Producer Marcos Siega. "What made me do it was Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall wanting to do it," he admits. "They really cared about the show and they wouldn’t have come back if they didn’t feel strongly. When Clyde called me I jumped at the opportunity and Michael really wanted me there to do it with him. I was anxious, nervous, excited. All of the above. That’s what drove me to want to do it." Watch his interview below!

"This was easily the best experience of my career," Marcos Siega gushes. "In terms of the team, the people, the size of the project and how easily it came together. We were based in central Massachusetts. The town itself was a little town called Shelburne Falls and we went there for two weeks. We shut it down. The town was fantastic. The local government was fantastic. That bridge that you see is the only way through town. We were allowed to shut it down and control it. They were really friendly in terms of production."

Reuniting with Hall and seeing him breathe life back into the character of Dexter was exciting for the director. "There’s almost a part of me that feels like he can just turn it on," he says. "He seamlessly becomes Dexter. Obviously the real Michael and Dexter are very different types of people. He literally becomes another person. When I saw him for the fist time doing it again, it’s a wonder. He hasn’t played this character in so long, but it’s part of his DNA."

Doea Marcos Siega see a future for Harrison after Dexter: New Blood? "Yes, I could. I think anybody could, if you watch the show, because there's a guy out there who's a lot like his father. Sure... absolutely there could be".

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