[Spoiler] Returns? - Original Dexter Actor From Seasons 1-8 Shares Photo From The Set Of Season 9 [Updated]

Beloved former Dexter co-star returns in the upcoming season?

UPDATE 7/15: Click here to read!

arlier today, a Dexter actor who appeared in all eight seasons, posted a photo on his/her Instagram account from a filming location that looks exactly the same with the one the cast and crew of season nine is currently shooting!  

Continue reading, to find out WHO this actor is! Spoiler warning!

Last week, Dexter was filming in Bolton, MA. At the 'Nashoba Regional High School' that has been transformed into 'Iron Lake High School'.

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

Well, apparently they're still filming there today as well. Here's an image from the set by Scott Reynolds from about an hour ago:

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

Now, here's the photo the seemingly returning actor shared on their social media account earlier today. The man on the left looks like showrunner Clyde Phillips.

The yellow parking lines on the ground are quite similar as well. Let's compare the two buildings on the returning actor's photo (L) with the Scott Reynolds (R) one:

The actor we're actually talking about is...

C.S. Lee! 


C.S Lee and the crew are actually on the other side of the building and there's no fake snow on the ground. Here's his post on Instagram:

Welcome back, Vince Masuka! UPDATE 7/15: Click here to read!


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