Julia Stiles Reflects On Her Role As Lumen: "Dexter Made Me Want To Do More TV"

It's been eleven years since Julia Stiles' appearance in the fifth season of Dexter.


It was a decade ago when Julia Stiles joined the show, playing the role of Lumen Ann Pierce, a victim of the Barrel Girl gang. Dex saved her life and both of them, traumatized by their recent wounds developed a special relationship. 

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Years after her 'Dexter' role, Julia Stiles who's now starring in Sky Atlantic's 'Riviera', talked with Collider on how the show played a pivotal role in her career.

Read the interview below!

“It was great. It was my first introduction to a cable drama. And I remember back then, cable had just started to become great and really appealing to actors. I had always had this fear of, if you sign up for a TV show, which would be like a six-year contract, is it gonna end up being something that you didn’t anticipate or something that wasn’t really what you signed up for? And Dexter totally changed my mind about that so that then I could go on to do Riviera and feel really confident that working on a 13-episode drama is a really fun job and can be really rewarding for actors.”

“In some ways the pressure was off because I wasn’t the lead on Dexter. I wasn’t a series regular, but to come in and love what they wrote for me and to come in and be able to play that part for one season was really great and it made me want to do more TV.”

Source: collider.com

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