Dexter Revival - Julia Stiles on A Possible 'Lumen' Return: "I'm Open to Anything If It's Done Well"

In a new interview with Forbes, 'Riviera' star Julia Stiles commented on the highly anticipated Dexter revival. Her role as Lumen on Dexter was introduced to us ten yers ago, in the fifth season and gained acclaim for her performance throughout the 12-episode guest appearance. But how about a potential return to this role in the upcoming Season 9 of Dexter? When she was asked by Forbes about it she said that she doesn't have any clue about it... but she's open to a comeback.

“I have absolutely no idea about that,” the Julia said. “But I’m sort of open to anything if it is done well.”. What do you think? Is it possible to see her back on Dexter? Do you actually want her to return? Vote in our poll below!

Do you want Lumen (Julia Stiles) to return in the Dexter Revival?
Yes, I'd love to see her again on the show
No. Just no!
Not sure
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