Dexter's Late Night Drive In Sunderland - Scoop And Pics From The Set Locations

Sunderland, Massachusetts was last night's set location for Michael C. Hall.

While Dexter was filming its last scenes at the diner/truck stop in Whately, Massachusetts, Michael C. Hall and the crew headed to another little town called Sunderland, to film some night scenes featuring Dexter Morgan driving his car. 

The latest scoop, and more photos from yesterday's set location, below!

Shooting in Whately wrapped yesterday, and fans who approached the set where Dexter was filming in last few days only had the chance to see two actors: Clancy Brown and Julia Jones. Of course until they were asked politely to leave. 

They were also told that Michael C. Hall wasn't there, as he went to another town called Sunderland to film a car scene. We're not sure if his new... 'dark passenger' was sitting in the passenger seat of his car. 😏

Later that day, Scott Reynolds and Sanford Bookstaver confirmed the Sunderland set location by posting photos from the area on their social media accounts. As expected, Michael wasn't included in the pics (duh), but it's cool to see the preparations required for those kinds of scenes. Take a look right below!

Scott Reynolds

Scott Reynolds

Scott Reynolds

Sanford Bookstaver

More Whately set images from earlier this week:

Scott Reynolds

Scott Reynolds

Photos via: @jscottamy & @sbookstaver

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