Dexter Season 9 Filming In Grafton, MA - New Set Photos (May 17)

Brand new set images from Dexter's latest filming location!

This beautiful house in Grafton, Massachusetts which is located in 3 Chestnut Street, is one of this week's set locations for the upcoming highly anticipated season of Dexter. As we mentioned in a related previous post, filming is scheduled to begin today, May 17th and will last until Friday, May 21st. 

In these images from earlier today, you can see that the home yard is full of fake snow and the outside of the house is decorated Christmas lights and a wreath. One of the biggest challenges in the next few days for the Dexter cast and crew is the weather. According to Google, temperatures will range between 79°F to 87°F (26°C to 31°C) which means it will be difficult for the cast to keep wearing their winter clothes while filming.

More info and more set pics, below!

This propery will serve as fictional house for a female main character. Our guess is it's Angela Bishop's (played by Julia Jones). Filming will take place both inside and outside the propery. Three night shoots are planned as well, running as late as 2 a.m.

Christmas decorations outside the house.    Photo: Craig Semon

Fake snow all around!    Photo: Craig Semon

Photo: Craig Semon

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