Dexter Season 9 - New Set Photos And Scoop From Grafton, MA

Which actors have been spotted on the set of Dexter in Grafton?

Lane Turner

Fake snow all over! Dexter is currently filming in Grafton, Massachusetts and much of it is shrouded in secrecy. In previous articles we told you about the house in pic above that is the main spot of this week's shooting. Today we have for you more pictures from the set, and scoop about two actors were spotted filming scenes inside this house!

Continue reading for more and beware of possible spoilers.

Grafton, MA. Crew members in have been working in the last few days in 3 Chestnut Street, in order to get everything done for this week's shooting, which lasts until Friday, May 21st.

As you can see in the photo below and in the one on the top of the article, Dexter's truck, Ford F-150, is parked outside the property. According to Telegram & Gazette, Michael C. Hall and Clancy Brown who plays the big bad of the season 'Kurt Caldwell', were filming scenes inside this house despite the fact it reportedly belongs to a female main character (probably Julia Jones').

Scroll down for more pics.

Lane Turner

Lane Turner

Lane Turner

Images via The Boston Globe

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