Dexter Season 6 Finale - One Month Later...

It's been a month since the season 6 finale of Dexter, 6.12 "This Is the Way The World Ends". Is your opinion about Season 6 still the same as a month ago? Are you satisfied with Dexter's revelation in the finale scene? And once again: What are your expectations for the next season?

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  1. The only thing I was dissapointed about is Dexter being soooo amatuer...I mean Deb told him to go to the church...He should expected that Deb will come by to check on him or something...

  2. I knew he was monologing too long, with potentially consequences. I hate Deb being in love with Dexter. It's just gross. Adopted or not, they are brother and sister.

  3. He almost got caught by her in the last season and is outed this season. Maybe Deb's love for Dexter will let her see his purpose or killing. Oh she will be an emotional trainwreck as per usual. Either way, I can't wait for the next season!!

  4. Completely agree with K1llrzzZ.

  5. K1llrzzZ and Anon at 12:31

    Does everything need to be spelled out to people.

    For fuck's sake.

    It wasn't amateur, it was psychological. His subconscious mind WANTED Deb to catch him. He wants to be close to her, he is picking up on her feelings and he knows, instinctively, that she loves him, that she won't turn him in. He doesn't want to be alone anymore, that's why he broke Quinn and Deb up.

    Deb's battle has been open all season, but Dexter has had his own, brewing underneath. These two are connected, what happens to one happens to the other, this is the way it has always been in the show. The writers even have the two characters recite the same dialogue at various points in the serious just to connect the characters for those who somehow don't get it.

    "Maybe this is how it is supposed to be!" As he jabs the knife in.

    This is mythology bordering on the mystical, this is not some super realistic crime drama. I mean what the fuck show have you been watching the last 6 years? The whole damn thing, from the books to the show, is predicated on the things that go *bump* in subconsciousness. It's about all the dark and hidden things that lurk inside a person.

    I mean what is so fucking hard about this shit? It's been obvious since early on that Deb had feelings for him, it was always obvious that she would find out, that she would eventually accept it, they have been MOVING her character in that direction for six fucking years and by the time season 6 rolled around Dexter has been practically begging Debra to catch him. The only thing he didn't do was call her up and say "I'll be killing Travis at the church at 10pm, make sure to be on time!"

    1. pull your head out of your arse.
      U have to be the most pompous prick ive ever seen.
      It hasnt been clear from season 1. Only ever sibling love. That's it.

  6. This is your interpretation. Nothing more. I'm not saying it's bad though.
    Dexter's instant reaction ("Oh God...") didn't make me feel like he was planning to get caught.

    Infact Dex isn't that sure what Deb's reaction will be. Some time ago ( don't remember exactly when) Dex was about to tell Deb the truth about his life and was picturing several different reactions of her.
    Okay, in the meantime Deb let him and Lumen walk free, but still...

  7. I agree with Anonymous 2:35.

    But about the poll... I don't see the point in me voting because I'm very satisfied with how Deb found out, but it was BECAUSE I didn't expect it. I like surprises.

  8. Well, to me it was like the most obvious Dexter season finale ever. But I guess it had to happen sooner or later.

  9. 3:25

    Again WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING HARD? I swear we have an entire audience of retards out there. What about this does anyone NOT understand? Do I have to get a fucking dictionary to define it for you?

    Ok I fucking will.

    Subconscious: Existing in the mind but not immediately available to consciousness.

    Which means he doesn't KNOW he wants her to catch him. Just like he doesn't KNOW he loves her, just like Deb didn't KNOW she loved Dexter until her psychologist actually said it. Even after the psychologist said it still took like a whole day to process and manifest. That's how these things work.

    6 fucking years of a television show being 75% about the murky depths of the subconscious, and people are still shocked by shit like secret love, and Dark Passengers that psycho killers hold phone conversations with, and who appear to stick people with pitchforks!

    Jesus, people are dense. It's like all these fucking TV critics... "But we didn't notice that Deb loved Dexter all these years?"


    See, I am all through being nice about it. I am through trying to gently explain it and hold people's hands like children. I just want to fucking scream and beat people over the head with a 2x4 at this point whenever I hear "All the writers, actors, and producers are liars, it was never there!"

    They are not liars - it's just that the audience is that sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.

    Do you see the difference?

    Half the audience bitched these season because it was "too obvious" that Gellar was a Dark Passenger. The rest of the audience still didn't figure it out until he was in the freezer, and even then they thought he JUST went in the freezer recently. Slooooooooow.

    1. calm the fuck down u fuckin nut case
      Pathetic piece of shit. Who cares what you're saying really?? No one!!!!

  10. I wasnt expecting that ending or debs feelings but i wasnt surprised. I kept whispering at the screen "noooo deb dont go there, your just dont know the facts about how you are related!" throughout the season. Its been a while but their dad isss the biological father to both of them? But with all the interest and information established in the previous seasons about dexters dad and mom its not a surprise that it has come to this.

  11. 3:50
    If you saw all of this coming, you might aswell tell us what's gonna happen next. You seem to have it all figuered out. Educate the slow majority of the audience.

  12. 4:15

    Deb struggles with who Dexter is, and if she can still love him, despite the fact that he is not the person she idealized all these years, or is he? Has she always known what he was? Is she attracted to the fact that he IS a serial killer? These are questions she is going to struggle with.

    When Dexter finds out that Deb won't turn him in, when he sees the extent of her love, it is going to change him forever. He will undergo a similar transformation that Deb did this year.

    It's not just the one decision coming next year for Deb, it is a whole bunch of decisions, just how far will she go? I will give you a hint. Debra Morgan loves Dexter MORE than Harry did. And James Remar said it himself... "Everything Harry did, he did because he fell in love with that little boy. Most people might think it was evil, but, hey, father's send their sons off to kill all the time."

    Deb is going to have to make a terrible choice this year. Her love for Dexter is going to COST her something. She may even have to kill for him.

    I am not saying this is "predictable" but if you learn and understand the characters themselves, it's easy to watch where they are headed. All good writing is character based, and all good directions are character informed. And these characters are amazing, and the writers write the things that are BEST for them. The only reason I can "predict" anything, is because the writers are just so fucking awesome when it comes to understanding their characters.

    I started blogging about this after episode 1 aired this year, and I wrote a big long post about how this was headed in a romantic direction right after Dexter said to Quinn "It's never going to be YOU" - I was like, "Oh fuck, here it comes, the writers are bringing it out of the closet!"

    I patiently trying to explain it, but after months of be flamed, and called stupid, and being told it was never going to happen, and that I was imagining things, when it did happen people stared accusing me of being an insider, a plant by Showtime! People copied my posts all over the internet, word for word, and then claimed it for themselves, while in person they were deriding me and cutting me down. The more I defended the show, and the more I was right, the worse it got. I have been called a pervert, had death threats written to me... had someone tell me that they were going to look into my past and find out if I was "fucking my sister" , and all other kinds of horrible shit - all because I thought the love story on this show as great and reminded me of Wuthering Heights, or Frankenstein, or Knight in the Panther skin.

    One of these hatemongers - a guy who posts around here, and on other Dexter forums, runs a particularly vile Arian Nation/Neo Nazi blog. Apparently these "White Power" folks love this show because Dexter is killing the "riff raff", but now they are all pissed off because Debra is in love with Dexter. They see her as a "threat" to Dexter's mission. They are saying it's the worst part of the show since "Anton" and that now they believe Debra needs to die in order for Dexter to become "PURE" again. Makes me want to gag.

    That's why I am so cranky about it now.

    My only sanity is meeting a few Dexter fans on the internet, who did always get it. Who aren't so fucking puritanical and oppressed. Asian and European Dexter fangirl's ROCK! That is all.

  13. A little mad are we?

    The internet can be a frustrating place. Fans bitch and whine about everything, and if they don't have something to bitch and whine about they will make stuff up. Don't take it personal.

  14. I wish the poll would have had the choice of - it was better than I expected. I chose not to read the books (yet) because I don't want conflicts or wondering how they match and all of that because Dexter is the first show I've watched regularly - in - about twenty years. I hate TV. Except for Dex I probably watch a couple of hours a month. Every show is so darn predictable. Some of what happens in Dexter I see coming but most of it I try not to because it is the continual surprise of what will happen next that keeps me watching.

    I vibed on the loving each other situation a long time ago but didn't know if it would ever play out. Sometimes tension is a good option in plots.

    That said, I love the prospects of conflicts and resolutions this is going to create in upcoming episodes. The only thing I didn't like about this season was that some of the writing was sloppy. There were things that just didn't make sense. I feel we all want Dex to be believable in the small details so that we can more easily accept the larger premise in this fictional story. I hope the writers and editors tighten up next season so that I won't be left thinking - hey wait a sec about something like how did he get that body up into the grain silo all by himself and if he called 911 from a cell phone, isn't that traceable and wouldn't it have been traced for the report of such a heinous and important crime?

    But bottom line I can't believe I have to wait a whole year to find out what happens next. My biggest complaint about Dexter is that it isn't on every day! How about a Dexter Soap Opera lol ( just kidding - don't go nuts on me. )

    Thanks to all concerned for this extraordinary show!

    ~The Dark Commentator

  15. I love the show too - nice post Dark Commentator, but I would point out that Dexter has never been believable in the small details, EVER. I think the most egregious one in the history of the show was from Season 1, where the Ice Truck Killer picked up some diving gear, found Dexter's body dump, dove in 100 feet of water, selected the right body wrapped in garbage bags, got it back to the surface, took it back to a junkyard, and placed it in the trailer, all seemingly between the hours of 5am and 7am... in broad Miami daylight! ROFL.

    Anyone who things this show has ever been realistic is totally fooling themselves. It's "selective memory" - oh yea, past seasons were better because they were more 'realistic'. Well, not so much! ;)

    Rob V, you can barely articulate anything in the English language, let alone deduce what is good or bad in a TV show. All you ever do is troll this blog and slam on Dexter. You are probably one of the reasons the poster at 6:34 is so angry. ;)

    1. hahahaha nice one.I agree, Rob V is the biggest muppet!!

  16. To The Dark Commentator:

    I have read most of the books just now after having finished season 6. The series doesn't follow the books at all, except for the first book which was season 1, but there were some changes so it doesn't follow it exactly.

    I do love the books and being in Dexter's head and I don't think it ruins the series at all.

  17. Rob(the muppet) ValkoJanuary 20, 2012 at 3:06 PM

    Muppet? Is that some kind of insult. Lol you idiots get so upset whenever anybody tries to give their criticism of the way the show has gone. I'm not the only one who feels the show is seriously lacking in comparison with the writing of the first four seasons, nobody ever gives their critical opinions anymore because all of idiots out there wanna get all emotional, sad and angry and instead of arguing the opinion with FACTS, you just Bitch about the people on the site, trust me ya whiny lil child.. my opinion isn't gonna hurt SHOWTIME's feelings or MUCH's, n they sure as Fuck don't need morons like yourself to defend them. Lol
    Call me whatever makes u feel better, because my feelings aren't hurt my somebody on a blog. If your going to get this upset by someone you don't even know's opinion about a t.v really shouldn't be on here.

    Have you ever noticed there's only a few of you guys on here that get upset? Ever notice how all the other people just ignore my opinion if they disagree, or argue it with actual facts from the show. So Marto n all the anonymous whiny children out there.... IF All you can Say is I'm an idiot n a.... muppet..? Lol then you probably shouldn't even be watching DEXTER because It's an Adult show and you may be offended by something they show. If what I say gets you that upset, then damn you must start crying and stomping your feet, and throwing a huge fit when you can't get the cookies down from the shelf. Go watch your Muppets show you keep referencing.

    1. pipe down dude. Im not upset about the criticism. I have more than most fans about the last 2 seasons and have voiced them consistantly on various blogs. But u sir, just give me the fucking shits.

    2. and i do believe that i explained the insult "muppet" to you before, so i fail to see how u can not understand it now.

  18. Ya know Marto I just kinda quick scrolled the blog, n u realize the only thing u do on this blog is respond to other people's comments with trash. Go load up a different blog with your bs

    1. yeah no, can u actually accuse me of that when u post something liek u just did?

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