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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dexter - The Kill Room Magazine - Issue 1

Issue 1 of the first ever Dexter fanzine is now available to read online for free! The first killer issue of the new Dexter fanzine "The Kill Room," is packed full of amazing features including:

Could Lumen Return?
- A Rebuttal to all Lumen haters.

Forensic sciene with Vince Masuka: Dusting For Prints - A primer.
-The one and only Vincent Masuka writes exclusively for The Kill Room, offering an insight to how he would investigate a crime scene.

Did Doakes deserve to die?
The final answer to one of the oldest moral questions in Dexter’s history

Darkly daydreaming Dexter: Brian
Ever wondered why Dexter chose to fight Brian rather than kill Deb in the season 1 finale? Well that’s explained in our first exclusive comic strip.

The Irony of Trinity
There’s more to every character than you think - least of all Trinity.

Season 6: A Defence
Season 6 divided opinion. We explain Season 6 may have been one of Dexter’s best.

The latest news and loads reviews and much more! Click the link below to read it!


  1. Yes, bring Lumen back!

  2. why do people hate lumen?
    i am glad she left and said goodbye to her ' dark passenger '

  3. It's so refreshing to see people defending season 6 AND Lumen. Fun read (overall)!

  4. I agree with the refreshing part. Season Six, I think, once you get past some of the flaws of the season is by far the most cynical and fatalistic season of Dexter yet. Season Four doesn't even compare to the vast sense of hopelessness left by this season.

    No matter what Dexter does, his world is placed in this chaotic flux where no one can be redeemed. He finds his first REAL friend in Brother Sam, and the man is gunned down like a dog. He's told to forgive Nick, but Nick shows no regret or remorse, so what does Dexter do? He kills him. There's no escaping his monster.

    Travis is another key point. At first, Dexter thinks he might be able to save him like he did Lumen, but it turns out that Travis is just as delusional as Dexter. Both suffer from a sort of psychosis, and both are controlled by those monsters. And then, finally, it's capped off with Deb finding out what Dexter really is.

    And that's the way the world ends. Because Dexter doesn't have anywhere to go, no way to change on his own, he'll continue being the monster he is.

    The Deb/Dex thing is probably the only saving grace of a season that is unrelentingly dark, and that's the reason why I think the Dex/Deb relationship is a definite positive, because, ultimately, she's the only one who can save him.

    Dexter's going to come to a point next season, very early on, probably, almost like he's coming to the absurd. He'll have three choices: kill himself because he has no hope of changing, run away so Deb can never turn him in, or tell her the truth, and possibly find a 'soul mate'.

    I think, once we peel away some of the less believable parts of the season, which by no means were major, we're going to realize that the reason many people saw S6 as a disappointment is because we're learning that Dexter isn't a hero, but the victim of his own code.

    The season is incredibly fatalistic if you look at it closely, and will probably be looked upon more kindly as the series moves on. By no means was it disappointing--in fact, the obvious philosophical 180 from what we saw in Season 5 was a positive in my opinion