PHOTO: Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter Grab Coffee in Los Angeles (Jan 18)

Via Only a little over a month after their divorce was finalized, Dexter co-stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter reunited for some coffee Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles.

The former husband and wife went for the incognito look as they caught up, each wearing sunglasses and jeans, as cameras snapped away. Hall was also seen rocking a pretty hefty-size beard. Could Michael and Jennifer be on their way to reconciling? Or is this just the beginning of a beautiful post-divorce friendship?

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  1. I love Michael C. Hall but he looks like a fat criminal on that photo.

    1. I know! But we know Dex is cut a bit, in shape. I thought he had a girlfriend! Wassup wit dat?

  2. Apparently they ARE still friends. OMG, can you believe that, they were telling the truth!

    I wonder what else they were telling the truth about?

    Anyway, regardless - I will always wish them happiness. Nothing is worse as a young couple, early in a marriage, than going through something like a serious illness. You don't realize what a huge toll it takes on you. Most guys shut down emotionally when they get sick, we get so focused on "the battle" we forget the little things, nor do we understand how it affects our spouses.

    Personal experience on this one - I did everything under the sun to toast my own marriage when I went through a serious illness, it only survived because my wife was willing to forgive.

    They are probably just hanging as friends, but I actually do hope they reconcile. They just seem right for each other, every moment they are on screen together it's magical - and I would love to see them do stuff after Dexter. I think they would be awesome in a romantic comedy... whatever, they remind me of Kate Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Really, more than any two modern actors or our era.

    I am an optimist though! My parents divorced for 2 years, then remarried and stayed together until my father's death 40 years later. Their second marriage was way way happier. Oddly enough, they were also Aquarius and Sagittarius! ;)

  3. They should do a DEXTER episode where he starts growing a beard to stalk a victim who knows what he looks like. That would be cool because he has never done that before, that we know of.

  4. Nicholas M. Denoyer

    I totally agree :)

  5. I hate paparazzi they put a shit ton of stupid headlines out there... wait till THEY finish THEIR business then get your scoop shit...

  6. say's that they also went to dinner and could be seen kissing and holding hands - Bree

  7. Michael has the beard because he will start filming on the mini series To Appomattox soon where he plays Ulysses S Grant.

  8. I'd hate to be that dump paparazzi, they look like they want to beat the guy up! LOL

  9. Maybe they're discussing season 7!

  10. 8:43

    Well, since season 7 dialogue hasn't been written, would be hard to discuss. So maybe they are just practicing for the love scenes!!!!!!!!

  11. Hahaha love how anon 12.40 accused the photographer of being "dumb" but thry themselves spelled it "dump" hehe

  12. Marto:

    Can we just assume that people mistype on their keyboards sometimes and not assume that every typo is a measure of IQ?

    You know, like you just did with "thry" themselves...

    Talk about an epic fail of a flame. =P

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