VIDEO: Scott Buck Discusses the Season 6 Finale of Dexter

Scott Buck discusses the season finale episode of Dexter, 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends". Click the link below to see the video...

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  1. AMAZING!!!!!
    it is the best end ever, one of the best episodes!
    incredible job!! i will be wait for next season!!!

  2. Season seven is going to be sensational!!!!! Yay! Showtime!!

  3. this show is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what a great ending!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cant wait for season 7!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. He thought he could no longer postpone Deb finding out about Dexter? What a load of crap. You can't just drop a bomb like that, just because it's convenient for you as a writer.

    I always felt that Deb discovering Dexter's true identity should have been subtle. Like a detective who is following leads, and is getting closer to the truth step by step.

    In my opinion the writers were building up to this in season 4, where Deb was digging into Dexter's past. I always thought that her knowing more about his sinister past and Dexter's weird behaviour and unexplainable movements, were the key to her keeping a closer look on Dexter and eventually finding out about him.

    That's why this bomb that's been dropped is so disappointing. Buck saying they could no longer withhold this from the viewers, or that they postponed the truth long enough is crap. Deb finding out about Dexter is key in the entire series. They should have handled it with more care and dignity.


    6.12 is my favorite episode of Dexter EVER!


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. @Luc ...dude just shut up. I mean seriously, as if you could have done any better. I thought it was amazing. It was perfect. Flawless even. But leave it up to some hater to find a way to bitch about it. LAME!!!!

  7. @Luc I totally agree. Deb is at heart a detective and it would have been more interesting if there was some art in her finding out. Dropping out of no where has a nice shock effect, but they missed the chance to play out the puzzle. I think ultimately it would have been more suspenseful if they had gone that way.

  8. @JessieJames.
    U are such a raging, blind fan boy. U cannot see anything other than perfection. I loved this episode and loved the reveal, but i agree with Luc that there perhaps were a more subtle way of introducing it.
    Your comments are so lame man, honestly. U should chill a bit with the obessive fanboy stuff. I mean, i am an absolutely MASSIVE fan, but seriously, take the blind fold and maybe have a bit of an indepth look at this series???

  9. @Luc
    the truth is that i have never thought about this(Deb find out what Dexter is as a detective) and sure it will be a very good idea.
    But also i can't say that the end was bad, i liked it a lot! i could never imagine that deb will learn about Dexter or be in love with him!!
    They way that ends the episode is shocking.
    If Deb was trying to learn what Dexter is wouldn't be a big surprise for us(as it was now)

    I think that if directors want, can make Deb find out what Dexter is.(in the new episode they can just make Dexter say something else from the truth but Deb don;t believe him and start to find the truth,about Rundi about butcher etc )

  10. @ Luc
    what do you think has been happening the last couple of seasons!
    she let lumen and dexter free, she shot a guy and felt no remorse, she becomes boss, she realises she loves him. if she found out in season 4 she would of arrested him or killed...its called character development.
    how else would deb find out dexter does not leave any traces of evidence at the kill room is the best place.

  11. I agree that Deb's character had to develop for her to understand or sympathize with Dexter and that is exactly why this reveal needed more build-up. In my mind it needs to be a process. They could have made it the general theme for season 7. Deb falling for Dexter and finding out more and more about him, eventually leading to the shocking truth, with a new killer (Louis), who is probably also entangled in Dexter's past, in the background.

    The way season 6 ended, there was absolutely no build-up whatsoever. The writers just needed a cliffhanger and decided it was time to drop this bomb. I fear that season 7 will start just as season 5 started. With a whole lot of drama and personal issues. I'm afraid there won't be any killing for a while.

    @JessieJames, I care for this show. I think it's awesome. But with that come high expectations and sometimes I'm disappointed with the turns they take. This was one of them. Of course I can't do better, but does that mean that you shouldn't have an opinion? Like I stated before, this reveal is such a key element in the series, that they should have handled it more carefully.

  12. Perhaps she's known for a while now and isn't really that shocked by it. She may have come to terms with it but never had solid proof, just a gut feeling. As a detective, she trusts her gut. Actually seeing it came as a shock but not a real suprise, kind of like when Harry walked in on Dexter as a teenager in his kill-room. I can see that Debra would be upset to witness the kill but tell Dexter that she's suspected it for a while. Just a thought.
    Also, this season worked out after all. Don't get me wrong, it's by far the worst season yet. But Dexter's bad seasons are far superior to other shows good ones. There were just too many holes and plot devices used that made no sense. I've stated a lot of them previously but just a couple from THIS episode are 1)why would Travis wait until the play to kidnap Harrison when he's already at the apartment? 2)why wouldn't the school call the police after Harrison is kidnapped? 3)the police find Dexters boat washed up on shore the day after the lake of fire is photographed out at sea? no questions asked? 4)no security at the high-rise such as security guards or cameras? Any way to see Dexter and Harrison there? 5)how did Dexter get Travis down from the rooftop while Travis was unconcious, middle of the day, with Harrison in tow, carrying a sword, all before the police (Deb) was a few minutes behind them? 6)Dexter kills the guy on the boat while everyone watches, throws him in the ocean and everyone is okay with that? 7)Dexter is allowed to go into Travis' murder house first? and alone? Long enough for him to discover the painting and destroy it? When have they waited for Dexter to go in first EVER before? Just happens when there's a huge painting of him on the wall?
    If there are any fanboys that can answer any of these questions rationally, go ahead. These are issues from this episode alone. There are just as many from every other episode this season. Suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

  13. I agree Jason. But there is an interesting quote from Michael C. Hall about the show's implausibility from and AOL TV interview:

    "I honestly feel that from the beginning, there is undeniably, just if you look at the logistics, there is a fantastical element to the world of the show and this guy's abilities. It's not a show that's based on a graphic novel or a comic book, but it feels like it is.

    Ya know, on set, we are very much aware of the logistical or literal implausibility of so many of the things that happen on the show, but I think there is a suspension of disbelief that is required of our audience.

    You look at the end of the first season ... he subdues the Ice Truck Killer, and gets him back into the Ice Truck Killer's room that's like, part of an active crime scene, and slashes his throat? It's all absurd really, but there's some sort of serendipitousness or fantastical coincidence ... I've suggested in other interviews that while we don't see it, Dexter definitely has the power of flight and can turn himself into smoke."

    Full interview here:

  14. who said that deb is going to find out? u dont know what dex is going to explain to her...and what shes going to believe...its not that simple like bam...she saw dexter kill travis and now she knows its him...the "bay harbour butcher"

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