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If you didn't watch the season 6 finale ignore this post! Another season of Dexter is over. Episode 6.12 "This is the Way the World Ends" has ended with a shocking cliffhanger! What will happen next? Vote below!

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  1. My comment is first :) My guess is that he will convince her to cover him, they will call the police, and tell that it was Gellar who killed Travis... no one besides Dexter knows that professor is dead. What's gonna happen later, is another story!

  2. ^ they do know that Gellar is dead ... because of the hand. It was visible that the cuts were post mortem!

  3. They know Gellar is dead.They think Travis killed him.Remember they found his hand on that statue with 666 that Dexter made as a means to get Travis?

  4. 0 votes for Deb Turns Dexter In. Lol, yeah I seriously think she'll cover for him. She's been known to do that for random 'strangers' AKA the vigilantes episode.

  5. ohhhhh....... i totally forgot that! it's a shame! well, i still think that Deb is going to cover for him!

  6. I think that if Deb just might be smart enough to recognize the kill room and/or the method that Dexter uses to dispose of the body. This is going to make A LOT of past things/events just click. It's her reaction to THAT, that has me anxiously anticipating next season.

  7. She'll shoot him. Right in the f'ing head. End of story.

    1. Dexter, you slay meAugust 23, 2012 at 7:40 PM

      NOT. She'll be so turned on that she'll fuck him right there on top of Travis' still-warm body.

  8. I guess first she'll break down, emotionally.
    I mean .. again! A man she loved, a man she counted on, a man she felt save with. A killer. Again.

  9. My answer was the second. It sure is interesting to see people's opinions so similar. I believe that Dexter will sure figure something out (as always! he's our genious hero, right?), it will be awkward at first, but Deb will have to face it and, of course, won't give him in. Deb did not find out the truth, she just saw Dex killing Travis. It's different.

  10. Dexter will explain then she'll cover for him.

    and they'll be lovers.

    It's a unique fairytale :/

  11. My first guess is that Deb will have a break down. Dexter will manage somehow to keep Deb calm. I don't think he will get rid of the body as usual, because Deb will definitely freak out. She doesn't know YET that he is a serial killer, so Dex must not show that he is used to getting rid of bodies.
    When Deb calms down she will realise that this was not his first murder and that he was prepared and knew exactly what to do. Then of course as said, she will remember seeing Jordan wrapped in plastic and she will reach to the conclusion. For the time being, I don't believe she is going to tell the police, otherwise there is no point in having two more seasons. The writers got her realising that she is in love with him, specifically for that reason. To gain some time for Dexter and help him figure out what he is going to do.

  12. I think she will walk out. Dexter will spend a whole episoe tring to figure out a plan, an excuse, something... I agree with the comment that the "kill room" is going to to be hard to explain. Different if it was just stabbing, but plastic-mania??? What a great year! / RC

  13. This will really be interesting, what's gonna happen next.
    I really have no clue, there a so many possibilites....

    She could faint and while she's unconcious, Dex could get rid of the body.
    Afterwards she could think it was just a bad dream.

    On the other side Dex could try to explain, but at the moment I don't see how this could be possible.

    Another thing: She already had in mind, there was something up with her brother. From the start on, there were things she wasn't told about. ( Hunting trips with Harry etc ). She said to her psychatrist, that she stalked him in the early days.

    So maybe she will just say: Ok, thats what you are doing all the time.....

    Time will tell.
    I'm really looking forward to Season7.
    The first scene should be already filmed (among some other possibilities the authors could choose in the next 5-6 months.

  14. The kill room the plastic she'll realize he is the real bay harbor butcher and doaks was right and she'll think he killed doakes but dexter explains that it was Lila and also explains that he killed her OR maybe he will say that travis had his son and this was the only way to make people safe

  15. @Anon 6:21

    Jordan Chase was not wrapped in plastic at all, he was strapped down to a table so that kill was a little different. I do think that she will put that along with what happened to her in season one and Dexter killing Travis together and conclude that he is a serial killer though. What would be interesting is if she finds out that Dexter killed Brian to save her as well as what would her reactions be to that being he killed his own relative to save Deb.

  16. All Dexter's killings are connected with the slices on their cheeks, and Deb is clever enough to make that connection. The only reason to decide to cover for her brother, is her feelings, and i'm not talking just for her being in love, i'm talking for her totally confused situation between her brother, her colleagues and her new responsibilities. Deb is having a hard time and she cannot think clearly. In fact, she 's so much in love, that realising that Dexter killed Brian to protect her, or that Dexter was helping Lumen to kill her torturers, would make her fall even more for him!
    That's why somehow Dexter will find a way to persuade her... for now. Then she will have all the time to make the connections. I think that somehow Queen will have a word in this storyline.

    Even if she faints, it's difficult to think that she just had a bad dream. Although her previous dream was very "lively"!

  17. What happens? Half of the audience stops watching. Dexter has always been my favorite show but between the incest and now this ending, I'm not looking forward to seeing the season opener. The thrill of Dexter is always the possibility that he will be found out, but now that he has the fun is over.

  18. Considering how many liberties the writers have taken in season 6, I wouldn't put it past them to create some cheap explanation that has the entire situation dealt with in episode 1 of season 7.

    E.g. Dexter was at the church doing the "final forensic screening" when Travis just showed up, Dexter overpowered him and killed him.

    Sure, this doesn't address the fact that Travis has a cut across his cheek, that he is wrapped in a lot of plastic that wasn't at the church (that Dexter must have brought with him), the way in which Dexter killed Travis appeared somewhat brutal and ritualistic, etc. but the writers really seem to be overlooking these little things that made the storyline seem fathomable in earlier seasons.

    Liberties from the final episode:
    Dexter seemed to ignore the fact that Travis had his address and apartment keys, and left Harrison in the apartment with the babysitter.

    Rather than take Harrison while at Dexter's apartment and kill the babysitter he would rather show up to a crowded kid's play and take him there?

    Dexter manages to take Travis' body from the top of a skyscraper and hide it somewhere in some place that no one would be able to find - even though the building was swarming with cops some 5 minutes later.... and the whole time he had his son with him?

    These liberties were taken for the simple reason of progressing the storyline to set up some cheap thrills later on. As a huge fan of Dexter it's frustrating to see the writers treat their audience like this.


  19. I think Debra will start crying and run out of there. Dexter will panic and grab his needle and run after her and stick it in her neck. He will then stand over her with a look of "what the hell did I just do." Dexter will pick her up and bring her back into the church. Dexter will wait until she wakes up and they will talk about it. Debra will be terrified and Dexter will be comforting to her. Debra will realize that turning Dexter in would completely ruin the image of the Morgan family and they'll try to figure out a way to cover up Travis' death in such a way that the case can be closed and Debra can keep her job. That sounds pretty great to me.

    Aso, I would want to see Harry pacing in the background as Debra and Dexter are talking about what they should do next. Either way, the season 7 premiere should be a great start to a season. The time between seasons should give the writers the time to do it right and I'm excited about how it all plays out.

  20. Everyone who has ever found out about Dexter he has had to kill.. Louis seems to know alot about him and probably will find the slide collection while he's banging Batistas sister ...Deb will definately cover for Dexter cuz they show her being loyal to Matthews..and she will slowly put together Trinity ,Biney , Chase , because there were so many close calls .. He will not kill Deb , but in the end Dexter will have to die and he will pass the dark passenger on to ( cody, Astor,Harrison )?? it will be good to see where they take it

  21. Unless Deb runs right out of the church, it's hard to see how Deb won't be able to see that Travis is wrapped up exactly like she was.

    Obviously Deb has to cover for him or there's no more show. Not that they would do it, but it would be interesting if Deb struggles with it through season seven and eventually knows she has to turn him in then season eight is Dexter being hunted.

    It's a nice fantasy to imagine Deb has Dexter's lover and accomplice, but there'd be something intense and tragic about Deb making the tough moral decision to bring him to justice. Not right away of course, but her moral dilema followed by the anguished decision to "do the right thing" could be really moving.

  22. To: "Bay Harbor Butcher"

    If I remember correctly, he didn't kill Lumen, did he?

  23. Dexter will kill deb... a witness

  24. They will have sex on top of travis. You heard it here first!

  25. All right guys let's think about this with relative realism, at least as far as the parameters of the show's reality. The first reaction will undoubtedly be shock. Deb won't be able to wrap her head around what she just saw. Dexter won't know what to do or how to explain things so that they make sense at first. In that moment, important part for the writers and us as an audience to remember, in that moment the shock for Deb to walk in on who she considers to be the perfect man stabbing another man who's bound in plastic wrap, regardless of who the victim is, is a worl'wind epic moment to witness. She views Dexter as a flawed, but dependable man in her life that could be her soul mate. The impact of this one image, her lifelong soul mate stabbing someone with what looks like relative ease and experience, is going to cause a mental breakdown of biblical proportions.

    Every moment after this image is going to be considered the aftermath. Whether she breaks down and balls uncontrollably, she pulls out her gun and slowly stalks to him step by step telling him to make it make sense, she runs away and Dexter chases after her…whatever action sequences happen right after her seeing him kill Travis I have no idea. But I do believe the writers will have a “sit down” scene; whether in this episode or the second. I truly believe the show can still keep the Dex/Deb dynamic with her knowing, not just that he’s a killer, but the WHOLE story. I think she’ll have questions and be visibly skeptic, frightened and overall heartbroken. She’ll have concern for Harrison, herself and the people of Miami but I believe when Dexter sits her down and tell her his entire story, AS HE SEES IT of course, she’ll get it somewhat.

    Think about it within the context of this show. Debra was a morally black and white tough minded cop who only saw innocent and guilty; no blur between the lines. The last 2 seasons she’s taken on a more humble approach that there are always 2 sides to a story and that not every person is either all good or all bad; she’s now living in the grey area. And Dexter…well, he’s a serial killer with a son, 2 step kids and is the most important man in her life. It’s going to be a difficult task taking this scene and next season to the next step. I’m eager and have no doubt it will be handled well.

    He’s going to sit her down and tell her how he saw his mother brutally and savagely mutilated in front of him and his biological brother, Brian. Because of that one horrific event it changed something inside him and created what he calls his dark passenger. She won’t understand the dark passenger concept but he’ll explain it so it makes sense. He’ll gone on to tell her how Harry noticed from a young age that he had the potential and knew because of his experience as a cop that Dexter would grow up to become a serial killer. In order to prevent this new child, a child he took in out of guilt over what happened to his informant but then grew to love as his own, from harming innocent people and no doubt end up strapped to an electric chair he focused and harnessed Dexter’s anger and urge to kill towards others who inflict unwarranted pain and carnage. If he explains it right, his killing of Brian, that Doakes died because of Lila but then he killed Lila, that Trinity killed Rita then he killed Trinity, when he said “it was my fault” Deb will understand he meant because he felt like he should have killed Trinity sooner, how he helped Loomen, etc.

    I think as long as Debra realizes who Dexter targets, understands Harry’s code and how vehemently Dexter follows it, than at least it’s a start of a very interesting new dynamic for the Dex/Deb relationship. Just my thoughts.

  26. Perhaps she's known for a while now and isn't really that shocked by it. She may have come to terms with it but never had solid proof, just a gut feeling. As a detective, she trusts her gut. Actually seeing it came as a shock but not a real suprise, kind of like when Harry walked in on Dexter as a teenager in his kill-room. I can see that Debra would be upset to witness the kill but tell Dexter that she's suspected it for a while. Just a thought.
    Also, this season worked out after all. Don't get me wrong, it's by far the worst season yet. But Dexter's bad seasons are far superior to other shows good ones. There were just too many holes and plot devices used that made no sense. I've stated a lot of them previously but just a couple from THIS episode are 1)why would Travis wait until the play to kidnap Harrison when he's already at the apartment? 2)why wouldn't the school call the police after Harrison is kidnapped? 3)the police find Dexters boat washed up on shore the day after the lake of fire is photographed out at sea? no questions asked? 4)no security at the high-rise such as security guards or cameras? Any way to see Dexter and Harrison there? 5)how did Dexter get Travis down from the rooftop while Travis was unconcious, middle of the day, with Harrison in tow, carrying a sword, all before the police (Deb) was a few minutes behind them? 6)Dexter kills the guy on the boat while everyone watches, throws him in the ocean and everyone is okay with that? 7)Dexter is allowed to go into Travis' murder house first? and alone? Long enough for him to discover the painting and destroy it? When have they waited for Dexter to go in first EVER before? Just happens when there's a huge painting of him on the wall?
    If there are any fanboys that can answer any of these questions rationally, go ahead. These are issues from this episode alone. There are just as many from every other episode this season. Suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

  27. All I can say is this: We have always had to ignore technical problems in the story, but never to this degree. Anymore, the show requires us to suspend our disbelief much more than we used to. I think the show could benefit immensely if they took more care when it comes to the details. The first four seasons are so successful because the attention to detail makes them seem more plausible. I'm not saying there aren't any plot holes in those seasons, too; I'm saying they just aren't as readily apparent. The first time I watched the first four seasons, I never noticed the plot holes. It was only until I watched them again that those goofs became visible.

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