Dexter Boss Answers Burning Finale Questions, Talks Season 6 Criticism and Teases Season 7

If you didn't watch the finale stop reading now! Via Though the reviews of this season’s Dexter have been mixed, there’s one thing nobody’s debating: the impact of the one-two punch the Showtime hit delivered in Sunday’s finale. Not only did Deb admit that she was into her adoptive brother, but she also got a good look at his “dark passenger.”

Will the series really “go there” with the semi-siblings? Can they, now that she knows his secret? To find out, TVLine rang up exec producer Scott Buck

TVLINE | Was Deb developing romantic feelings for Dexter always part of the show’s grand plan?
It was something we realized very early on. It was not necessarily a plan, but it was something we all felt was in the DNA of that character. It just sort of made sense when we started to examine why she was the way she was. It wasn’t necessarily something we were always working towards, but when we examined it it seemed — at least on some sort of subconscious level — like that’s the direction it had always been going. Click the link below to read more...

TVLINE | Was there a debate in the writers room about whether to go there? You must’ve known it would be controversial.
It came up several years ago. We thought about it, then dismissed it, but it would always come up again year after year after year. So it just felt like there was this big story there that we were denying.

TVLINE | And why now?
It just seemed so inevitable. There was no particular reason why this year, except that it felt like we had been ignoring it.

TVLINE | The fact that Deb knows Dexter’s secret — well, part of his secret. She only saw him kill one person. And one murder does not a serial killer make.
Correct. [But] Deb has absolutely without a doubt seen Dexter commit a ritual kill. We’re not teasing the audience or jerking the audience around.

TVLINE | Deb came close to discovering Dex’s “dark passenger” in the Season 5 finale. Why not pull the trigger on it then as opposed to postponing it for another season?
I wasn’t running the show at the time so I didn’t have the opportunity to pull the trigger. But again, it was because of things like that that it felt like we had teased the audience to a point that was not quite right anymore. It felt like time to be more honest with the situation.

TVLINE | The episode hinted at the possible departure of Desmond Harrington’s Quinn. Will he be back?
Yes, absolutely.

TVLINE | Do you pay attention to what critics are saying and writing?
I’ve seen some but not all.

TVLINE | So it probably doesn’t come as a shock that it was a polarizing season. I wanted to throw out some of the bigger criticisms. First off, many felt Travis (Colin Hanks) wasn’t a scary enough villain. He seemed almost cartoonish at times. How do you respond to that?
We never meant for him to be cartoonish. We meant for him to be complicated in a way so that you might have mixed feelings for him. You would generally feel sympathy or empathy for this man before fully realizing who he was. And once you do realize who he was, does that really make the issue that much different? Is he really that much more in control then if Professor Gellar had been real.

TVLINE | Do you feel like your villains are doomed to disappoint after Trinity (John Lithgow)?
I don’t feel that way. Obviously, John was fantastic and set a very high standard for us. But there are all kinds of villains out there. They don’t need to all be scary in the same way.

TVLINE | There were a fair number of viewers that saw the Gellar twist coming. Was that ever a concern?
I really wasn’t that concerned, because if people guessed the twist, it really wasn’t the major arc of the season. Dexter has always been a show much more about character. It was always more interesting to see how this revelation affects Dexter, rather then, “Oh, I guessed it.” It didn’t seem that important an idea that it had to be so completely hidden from the audience.

TVLINE | Finally, the reaction to a possible Deb-Dexter romance seems more negative than positive. There’s a genuine ick factor there. Will that impact how far you take the storyline in the final two seasons?
No. I’m not aware that there’s an ick factor, but that’s certainly not going to affect where we go with that story.

TVLINE | Safe to say Season 7 will pick up right where Season 6 left off?
I think we’ll most likely be picking up exactly where we left off, or somewhere close to there.

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  1. Denial is a wonderful thing Scott. This season was probably the most sloppy of them all and that is saying a lot because of season 5.

    This guy needs a reality check. Just because YOU think your story is great doesn't mean it is.

    Time for a new show runner. Get rid of this assclown.

  2. ^^^

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Showtime needs to get rid of Scott Suck before he ruins this show to the point of no return.

  3. Let's face it, the series already had its best time!

  4. agreed & NOW Deb will have to go...but Dex CAN'T murder his own sister ~ can he??? AND the incest stuff...nah, nope, not a good story line for this GREAT TV show! Disappointed!

  5. Amony 2:03pm

    Calm down, obviously it's your perspective and I'm so happy that there is only a minortiy of you that think "This season was probably the most sloppy of them all". That is reality.

  6. why you guys bashing him. I liked this season. especially the ending. Dexter can't go on forever.

  7. It's not incest. They aren't related. Dislike the story line, fine but just stop it with "incest."

  8. Too many people that follow under pretense that everything has to be how it was at the start of the series or like when it was "at it's peak" (Season 4). Do you honestly want the same shit over and over? The show has to make changes, as does people are just too blind to realize that fact and are hoping every twist and turn can blow your pants off. It's impossible to please imbeciles like you and always will be.

  9. I think they laid down a good base now for Deb to accept Dexter who he really is, with the whole loving stuff. Why else would they make up such a weird turn in a show about dead bodies.

    I was disappointed with the most of the episodes of the season too, because I couldnt 'feel' Dexter anymore. I couldnt identify with him. Church/christianity is something more and more people do not respect anymore, so I didnt understand why Dexter was so interested in it. And, he didn't kill enough people this season :)

    I'm sure the whole team will come up with a killer 7th season. At least I hope so, what else than hope can get me through the next 9 months?!!! ;-)

  10. Oh gosh everyone, stop being so negative. You think it's sloppy work? Then stop watching it, no one is forcing you to keep up with Dexter. I think, this season was absolutely amazing. Jaw-droppingly, amazing. Very well done and I cannot wait for next season!

  11. Just to add on, it's you people that would also complain if the series REMAINED the same. Again: there's no pleasing just leave the show already and stop bitching about how it's horrible. No one cares about your criticism, your rants or your dislikes...there are those that ENJOY this season and even Season 5 and they want to talk about it. You people on the other hand want to blast in everyone's face how they "lack taste" or "aren't smart enough to realize that it's 'bad writing'"...

  12. I feel this season had brought up some good discussions for me and my husband. We are believers and really had some challenging thoughts this season. I try not to compare the current season with the last one, its a trap. I feel just enjoying it for what it is, a show, and a good one at that. I did like this season and felt the villains were very good.

  13. Well, I have to say that I liked the season, but yes... we've seen better, much better things in this show. I'm with the ones who guessed Gellar's twist, and I have mixed feelings about Travis... but I think he was creepy enough for a Dexter villain, and Collin Hanks did a good job. About the posible DexDeb romance.. totally ick factor here. What the Hell are they thinking about? But 100 points to "Deb finally finds about Dexter" Come on, she almost did it last season, so this time, it had to be done.

    My thougths on the show so far...

    Season 1: A perfect beggining, with Dex finding about his past via the Ice Truck killer, aka his bro.

    Season 2: Great Duel of Titans between Dexter and Doakes... I really enjoyed it. Lila was crazy, but was she and Dexter had was hot hot hot. Anyway I was glad that he came back to Rita.

    Season 3: Boring. Worst season so far to me. It was all about Miguel Prado. Best part... watching Dexter feeling so betrayed when Miguel started to kill. And just when our dear psycho was beggining to think he actually had a friend...

    Season 4: BEST SEASON EVER!!! Trinity changed Dexter's life forever, and killing Rita was only his fina act of cruelty... what a great season, and what a breath-taking finale.

    Season 5: I know may of you didn't like it, but I really liked it a lot. Dexter's story with Lumen was so deep, so tragic, and yet so pure and beautiful... I loved it.

    Season 6: Ok, I guess.. but probably, the weakest afer season 3. Creepy killings, creepy villain. Best part? Deb finding out the truth about Dexter.

    Hopes & Guesses for the last 2 seasons

    Season 7: I hope we don't get to see Dexter and Debra getting married and living happily ever after. But I do hope they focus a lot on Deb's reaction after what she's seen. Will that discoverment change the way she feels for Dexter? I hope she finds out she's not in love with him anymore, and then I would like her accepting that part of him, and return to be a loving, supporting sister who protects her brother even in this situation. I just want their relationship to stay that way, brother and siter... and I smell Louis's going to be the next villain.

    Season 8: To me, the last season has to focus on Dexter and a grown up Harrison, so I hope there's another time jump. Why am I saying this? Becuase the father-son relationship is central to this show. It all began with Harry Morgan adopting Dexter as a toddler, and it would be wise to close the cycle with Dex and his son. My ideas? Maybe Harrison finds about his father. Maybe he his like Dexter, who knows. About a posible finale... I don't really have any good ideas, but honestly... I don't see this show having a happy ending...

  14. Season 6 was outstanding overall,definitely up with season 1 in my opinion which in my eyes is clearly the best season. Buck has done a great job being in charge, and can`t wait to see where they go with it. I like how the writers aren`t going to be put off with fan reaction, I know it dosen`t make nielsen sense, but as a writer I`m sure its better to be free to not rule anything out, and i`m sure that by now fans trust where the writers are going with things.From season 4 onwards I think Dex has been more about him and his relationships rather than what he does,of course not everyone`s going to be happy, that`s natural, but after season 5, a very happy camper here! viva Dex!

  15. No matter how hard the writers will try, someone will always bitch about something on the show. Before it was people bitching about Lila stealing Dex away from Rita, then it was people bitching about Rita, after that people were bitching about how they disliked Lumen. If there was no change on the show I am sure people will bitch about that so my advice is to stop bitching and enjoy the show. If you do not like it then you do not have to watch it, nobody is forcing anyone to watch the show as that decision is made by choice. I personally like season six and love that they left loose ends in the season (such as who Louis is) and look foward to season seven

  16. I don't know why a lot of people are bashing this season. I really liked it. I thought the religious storyline was new and fresh. This season was one of my favorites for sure! Although I'm not a huge fan of the Deb/Dexter relationship idea, I would be lying if I said I'd never thought about it. Does anyone agree???

    PS For those of you who still don't get it, the relationship would NOT be incest!!!!

  17. Harrison grows up to be a serial killes like his father. Hating what he has become, eventhough he Just kills "bad guys" like his father. since Dexter is a serieal killer Harisson kills him aswell, to get closure...

  18. Every season has his own parts good or bads....BUT...Season was the best...Can't wait for the next! Good job!

  19. It's baffling that anyone could defend this season. To those of you who "realize it was the worst season but still loved it" well, you set the bar pretty low for your TV shows, but whatever. To those of you that think this was an elite season? I would say thats a matter of opinion, but I dont even really think that's a rational opinion to have. The writing was incredibly sloppy, Dexter made an insane amount of mistakes that he USED to have to pay for (in fact, he used to note make them) but the writers used all of that stuff to conveniently move the plot forward, sweep it under the rug, and never address it. Almost everyone who reviews this show on the web hated this season.

    As for the whole "take your criticism elsewhere" logic, could there by anything more asinine than that? Without criticism there are NO GREAT TV SHOWS. When you hold the bar so low that you call Dexter season 6 great, then you never get to see a Dexter season 4. You never get a "The Wire" or "Breaking Bad" or "The Sopranos". TV producers will just crank out GARBAGE if that's all it took to satisfy people. The people who criticize the show most, are, in my opinion, the ones who love it the most. We want the best from it, not the garbage that we got for 11.59 hours in season 6.

    Season 6 may have enjoyed great ratings, but that was built on the HISTORY of greatness this show has, not that Season 6 itself was great. It's as if the Yankees or Lakers had a terrible season in 2012. THeyd still have a ton of viewers based on their history, not because of what they were doing.

    Scott Buck has to go. This was FAR - AND - AWAY the most negatively reviewed season Dexter has ever had (And that's saying a lot considering how Season 5 paled so badly in following season 4). Buck needs to be held accountable. Let a pro finish this story before Buck ruins it.

  20. I really enjoyed this season. Im with those of you who are tired of hearing people complain about how this season wasnt as good as season 4. This show changes, as do its characters, and you should be watching this show knowing that. For one thing, I believe the last 2 seasons are completely going to melt into one another and if not then at least we know this one is melting into season 7 so you REALLY honestly can't expect the season to just wrap up in a neat little bow like it did with the first couple. This season took us through some major twists and self-reflections and completely expanded on Dexters story and how he's managing his life, what hes learning and how hes learning it, which is really what this show has been about from the beginning (as well as the other characters' journeys). Its not all JUST about killing people.

    I think the writers did a GREAT job this season! There are a few tiny little holes that im just really excited about seeing resolved or expanded upon next season like Louis' story..It's going to be SO good I can already tell. I love what a creepy undertone they gave him concerning his obsession with Dexter. Excellent.

    I wish the whole Quinn and Batista thing was a little more solid this season, though I have full faith (haha) that they'll pull it out next season.

    Concerning Deb and know, I too thought it was WEIRD...but after knowing that Deb found out about Dex (at least seen him do a ritualistic kill), I would understand if they did that, not only because it was kind of inevitable, but because it's only going to make it harder for her to deduce wtf she's going to think about this whole thing. She's in love with him now, and its only going to get way harder for her. I think its excellently handeled. Good for the writers, taking these chances!! The Dexter series has not taken a backseat to shocking people ever, and let's face it, apparently it shocked so many of you to death that i think it's holding up its standards.

    Now to my favourite topic. The villan of this season. Honestly......creepy as hell. In my opinion, Religion is such a phenomenal villain. With so many creepy people out there doing things "in the name of God" is like the SCARIEST thing in the world!!!!!
    So KUDOS writers, PHENOMENAL!!!!!! I loved how it was explored, and Collin Hanks was brilliant, he was just the right amount of creepy because while insane, he was a "normal" person "bringing about God's will" and to be honest, those bible thumping scarrrryyyy people who do rituals and kill in the name of God look completely normal. So I think it was BRILLIANT! Religion as the Big Bad..ballsy, and WONDERFUL. I loved it.

    Cannot wait until next season.

  21. I disagree that this season was weak, or that the villain was not up to par. I do agree that Trinity is the best villain we’ve seen, but this season was tremendous for me, for many reasons. I really liked the development and struggles that the characters went through. Dex's moral compass turning from Harry to his brother was absolutely great, and then watching him struggle to get away from what his brothr represented was very moving. I loved him stopping by to pick up Harry on the way back to Miami...very simple, but spoke volumes.
    Also, watching Deb struggle with the changes in her career and the personal revelations was incredible too. Her character has been through a lot in the seasons, and while there were repercussions in the story, I felt that this season really brought it all to the fore. It was painful to watch her fight with her past, and her epiphanies…and that to me, really makes a great story…when I can feel for the characters. Do I like that she’s in love with Dex? No, it *is* icky. But the writers and director know it too, and I trust that they will handle it very well. It sort of makes sense for Deb, but I don’t believe Dex is going to reciprocate romantic love at all. She is his sister, and that something that he has been coming to value more and more with each season; as well as with each tie (Rita, Harrison) to a ‘normal’ life.
    I also liked the villain this season. Each villain before could be called a fanatic in their own way, but Travis / Geller had the twisted religious spin on it, which made it more realistic for me. Travis (at least at the end) absolutely believed he was doing good…sacrifices needed to be made, but his was a greater calling. His fanaticism tied in well with Dex’s brush with faith in Brother Sam’s God, and how self sacrificing and good that was, versus the ‘God’ that Travis was following. Dex has always struggled with his Dark Passenger, and this season added another layer to it.
    For me, the fact that Dexter said “I love you” to Deb, and obviously loves his son, is proof of a slow, but consistent movement of humanizing this great serial killer. I hope and trust that the writers and director of the show will continue to do so in the season(s) to come, and I can’t wait to see how this revelation of his Dark Passenger will affect Deb. I am also intrigued as to what the Ice Truck Killer’s mannequin hand w/ the colored lines will mean. I’m not sure I’d like the intern to be the next villain, but again…I trust it will be handled well and keep me emotionally wrangled with these characters.


  22. Hey those of you who think Buck is ruining it...maybe you should write it. Lets see what you come up with...

    quit bitching. This season was wonderful. If you don't like it, quit watching.

  23. Anony 234pm: Wow, I just wanted to comment on how its gutsy to share that you and your husband were challenged as believers. I know that its just fiction/tv drama but we all (fans) can relate to these characters. I think it just shows how this season was great. The religion storyline was never "preachy" or trying to force ppl to believe or not to believe. It was handled well for such a sensitive topic.

    Anony 247pm: What! ppl actually were "bitching about Lila stealing Dex away from Rita" That is hilarious.

    @Lindsey: To be honest, I never really thought about the whole Dex/Deb relationship before, hahaha. I thought it was a bit unnerving but I understand why Deb feels what she feels. It def adds tension to these two characters and I love it. Can't wait to see what develops between them!

  24. Concerning the fact that one murder doesn't mean that Dex is a serial killer, he probably forgot that Deb was in the very same situation as Travis was in the season 1's finale so she'd probably guess that Dex is just like his brother and that his "business" has been going on for years. She might even know that his the bay harbor butcher. Either that or he recreated the same kill room she was in ,after seven years,to kill Travis, which makes no sense at all.
    Besides, she'd think that him being a serial killer would explain his evasiveness lately, the fact that Trinity targetted his wife while she didn't fit the cycle (why didn't he oblige her to kill herself like the mothers before her and bled her to death like his sister instead?), why he kept his house after being married to Rita (which obviously wasn't a fuck pad), why he was the first at the crime scene when the police got into Trinity's house or when the dentist got killed (by lumen and him)...
    Her not knowing that Travis wasn't the first one would be a huge plot hole.

  25. Wow - you morons who liked this season must be really easy to please or have the IQ of a coconut.

    Probably both.

  26. @3:40

    Do I see sheets of plastic in your future? No . . . just more useless ranting and lame insults.

  27. Anon at 3:40

    You are behaving like a child, stop it.

    The more people throw temper tantrums about what just happened. The better this season gets.

    I LOVE IT! Thank you Scott Buck for PROVOKING such a strong reaction by following the characters rather than trying to give someone video game thrills.

  28. dont know what u guys are complaining about. I thougt it to be a pretty good season.

  29. Longest comments EVER!! Deb IS Pregnant. Quinn will be around. She'll be ok with this! It's not always black and white

  30. Very first episode addresses dexs Feelings for Deb. Can. I apply. For writer

  31. Season 6 was amazing. Season 5 was the real low point of this show.

    There are some loose ends but i think with the way season 6 ended it became obvious they were going to roll them into season 7 and address them. I doubt Louis is just gonna disappear like Dexters nanny in season 5.

    'Wow - you morons who liked this season must be really easy to please or have the IQ of a coconut.

    Probably both.'

    Or maybe they just have a different opinion mixed with a little splash of higher IQ, then yourself, so they can see deeper than some baddies being sliced up in the kill room

  32. Mollie, aren't you the nutjob who assumed Camilla was the big appearance at the end of the sixth episode of this season? I doubt she's pregnant...

  33. I really hope they don't listen to the internet "critics". Yes, the season wasn't flawless, I didn't like some episodes, but I really love the two storylines they're going: the Deb/Dexter romance and the Deb finding out about Dexter. The next 2 seasons are gonna be so good! Now all we need is a pretty good vilain.

  34. Season 6 may not be flawless, but it was a good season, way better than the third one. In fact, i was wondering why we hadn;t see yet a religious villain, since the biggest crimes in our world's history, have been done in the name of God!

    The key is to Dexter and Deb's romance. First of all, the writers did that in order to gain some time for Dexter. It's not going to be easy for Deb to arrest her brother, with whom is also in love! I think it was a very good idea... of course it wouldn't be easy for her to see her brother killing a person, but now that she is so confused, everything will feel even more weird.

    Deb will also have another dilemma. When she realises the ritualistic way of Travis' killing, she will discover that her brother is the person who killed Jordan Chase, Brian and of course, that he is the Bay Harbour Boucher. This would be the biggest arrest in Miami Metro's history. Think how Laguerta would react if she were Deb, and then think that Deb does not want to be like Laguerta.

    Finally, as for the romance between the two, my first thought is that there is no way for Dexter to fall ever in love with his sister. In the beginning of the series, Dex himself said that he is unable to feel anything for anyone. But the last three seasons, the series has been building slowly to changing that. First, Dexter deciding to get married and sharing his life with Rita and the kids. Dexter being a dad and actually loving Harrison. Dexter falling in love with Lumen, even crying and begging her not to leave. Why not realising that he is actually in love with Deb? It would be very difficult for the writers to justify that, but it is a challenge. Although i don't feel that the series will have a happy ending.

  35. Reading this interview with Scott Buck just makes me shake my head. This season was from start to finish poorly written and directed.
    - even if Geller being a figment wasn't the major arc of the season, it was still supposed to be a big turning point in its plot. it was embarassing and 90% of the viewers could foresee it.
    - the presentation of Travis and Geller has been comical. dark music, cheesy dialogues. is this a Bond movie or "Dexter"?
    - there has been absolutely no clear signs and hints towards a Deb&Dex love story. this whole Deb&Dex thing is not credible and not even logical. It was completely unnecessary and feels like just being dropped like a bomb that noone saw coming. the only thing it does is adding cringeworthy scenes.
    - this whole religous theme is in general a good idea, but it was so poorly implemented. nothing that Dexter underwent, regarding his faith, was believable. It felt like certain religious elements were forced in many scenes, because it is the major theme of this season. sloppy writing.

    I am a HUGE fan of Dexter and think it's one of best shows I''ve ever seen. However, this season was more than a letdown. You can tell that one of the major writers left the show because "Dexter" just doesn't create this special atmosphere any longer. Everything became so ordinary. I don't expect to have endings like the season finale with Trinity for each season, but little things ruin this show for me: cheesy dialogues and music, major plot holes and just overall god-awful writing. Please, Scott, rewatch season 1, 2 and 4 and compare them with this season 6 crap. It's embarrassing.

  36. @Anon 3:33pm

    Yep I have seen in the past people complaining on the boards about Dexter "cheating" on Rita. Nobody will be happy about things no matter how the writers put it. To me, if it is disturbing or people do not like it (such at the Dex/Deb romance) then that just means that the writers did their job to stir up such reactions. That is what I think makes Dexter a good show :)

  37. This season arguably hasn't been the best, but that finale literally had me screaming and shrieking at the TV (repeatedly even).
    And however sceptic people may be of the new story arcs, I personally think they don't feel wrong: the characters are still convincingly themselves, and wherever borderline-incestuous romance etc. may take them, I'll keep watching because this show really is about the characters, not about ever more surprising twists or minor issues with suspense of disbelief. There have been plot holes before. They're not what matters.
    That said, I hated seeing such a promising character as Brother Sam go after a meagre handful of episodes. They could at least have brought him back as another imaginary friend. (Perhaps they will. Can season 7 please start airing, like, tomorrow?)

  38. I actually liked it. The romance is not incestuous, because they are not blood related. Besides, you had to see that coming, it was pretty obvious it had to happen eventually. Like the guy said, they were just ignoring it.

  39. The reason so many of us keep watching the show is because we are hoping it will redeem its self. The first 4 seasons had a certain feel to it. Dexter was careful and the characters were easy to love. It has lost the character of "Miami" which was really important to the show. Dexters comments in his head used to be humourous. This season just jumped all over the place. Everone is entiled to there own opionions, if you liked this season then thats great. I was very disappointed and this is coming from someone that has watched the first 4 seasons several times but I would not re-watch this season or season 5. Every season is set up so that Dexter can discover something new about himself and I love that but they had way to many things going on this season and thought maybe the religous part could have been alittle more dark. There was no need for brother Brian. That would be like bringing Rita back. And what happened to the Irish nanny? It was to all over the place but will continue watching hoping they can redeem themselves. I do not think the Dexter and Deb story line is creepy because if your into pyschology you know that it is very easy for people to fall in love with someone they have gone through tramatic moments. Think of Stolkholm syndrome were people fall for there captures. Altough I do no think the story line is creepy, it is very unnessecairy and changed the whole dynamic of the show

  40. I have gone off the deep end ranting about how STUPID you haters are. But I refuse to let those assclowns get to me like that. However I will express my two cents. I just DO NOT get how people get on here and complain and bitch and moan about how the story is poorly written, this and that, blah blah blah, and then they turn right around and watch the next episode just to come back here and complain even more, to end up watching the next episode so they can come back here and complain more, and on and on and on. I swear you are friggin morons. Why would you continue to watch a show that you always just complain about? It makes NO sense at all. If you feel like the writing is poor, then please just go watch something else. Or better yet, since you have so much to say on the subject, sit down, write out an entire season of Dexter, and give it to Scott Buck, because obviously you can do so much better than Dexter's current writers. Idiots.

    As for the finale and this season as a whole. I think this season has been amazing. From start to finish it has been great. I absolutely loved the return of Brian, and the whole Jonah story was great too. I think Colin Hanks was incredible. He played both ends very well. The victim being led on by an enigmatic figure, and then the ruthless God fearing killer. The scene where he slits that girls throat on the boat was disturbing, just the look on his face as he did it was incredible. IMO the best work Hanks has done. Almos was very good as well. I did suspect Gellar was not real, that was a little predictable, but as Scott has said, it's more about seeing how it effects Dexter than about the audience. Deb being in love with Dexter makes a lot of sense, and really opens up a very creative and interesting way to possible lead her to accepting Dexter's extra curricular activities. Those final moments of the finale were extremely intense. When there eyes met after she saw Dexter shove that knife in Travis, I could almost feel what her character must have felt. All these moments from past seasons kept flooding my mind. It was a beautiful scene, and I am so stoked to see the final 2 seasons.

  41. Jessie James

    You are right it's been a phenomenal season and the internet bullies are just trying to shout it down and get their way. They are slash happy whack jobs who can't handle anything character related.

    The story is great! The Deb thing was ALWAYS there and it needs to be pursued. They are screaming at the top of their longs because they don't want the writers to finish their job! They want it their way.

    I want it the way it's been coming! AWESOME!

    Jennifer Carpenter was amazing.

  42. Don't mind me, just chilling and enjoying the haters' tears. :)

  43. i guess nobody in this world changes. everyone bashes the show because its 'not how it used to be'. well in reality, is anything ever always the same? no. stop bashing the show because dexter isnt the same guy from season 1. if you dont like it, dont watch it.

  44. leave it to "JessieJames" to ruin a conversation.

    every good thread gets a permanent buzz kill to the point i just close the's unbearable.

    can no one but the people who lick the shows writers ass have an opinion?

    don't like reading criticism? skip over it an keep the actual annoying comments inside, and stop getting so butt hurt when other people expect more from a great show and don't like being nipple fed shit 2 years in a row like the rest of you.

    no one who posts here is hates the show.

    THIS IS A FAN SITE. key word, FAN.

    if you want to see people hate on this show, i can direct you to a few sites? otherwise skip over the shit you don't want to bare reading.

  45. I'll admit to not being a fan of the fifth season, but I liked this one. I definitely agree with what Scott said that I don't like being jerked around, "Omg they're going to catch him, someone's going to see him, wait no they're not for the fiftieth time." I found the fifth season at times overly dramatic with a soap opera-y feel to it, this season I felt was more open and honest, and enjoyed the emotional direction. It was getting a bit repetitive, a general groove, the arc too laid out, and although I enjoy the familiarity of that, I enjoyed the emotional battle this time more.
    And Jennifer Carpenter was slightly less annoying then she usually is.
    Also criticism doesn't need to have profanity, expressing yourself like a screaming two year-old or a drunk man filled with derogatory remarks makes you look like a hateful troll who's just going online to piss people off.

  46. I love that the ratings are soaring while the haters are crying.

    They flood all the sites making multiple profiles and posting the same vile stuff under half a dozen names. It probably amounts to about thirty teenage boys who are angry that they didn't get enough kills.

  47. HEY! You Haters! If you don't like it... You should.... Write it yourself!!!

    Hey... You don't like how Lebron James choked in the finals? yeah well... You should go play basketball yourself!! You have no right to complain!!!!!!

    Right.... that makes uhh...sense...right?

  48. @JessieJames.
    People are allowed to complain cockhead. Jesus. I love this show, but i have my complaints, and whilst some complaints are taken too far, thry are still allowed to express and not be told by wankers like u to stop watching a show, that thry probably, overall, still find extremely watchable.

  49. season 6 goes like this: incest, incest, incest, kill, kill, incest, incest, bang, bang, incest, and then oh god...? WTF this is soooo incest! i am now labeling dexter in the japanese porn section...

  50. So far good work from scott but not best. But really needs a new showrunner for season 7.

  51. Perhaps she's known for a while now and isn't really that shocked by it. She may have come to terms with it but never had solid proof, just a gut feeling. As a detective, she trusts her gut. Actually seeing it came as a shock but not a real suprise, kind of like when Harry walked in on Dexter as a teenager in his kill-room. I can see that Debra would be upset to witness the kill but tell Dexter that she's suspected it for a while. Just a thought.
    Also, this season worked out after all. Don't get me wrong, it's by far the worst season yet. But Dexter's bad seasons are far superior to other shows good ones. There were just too many holes and plot devices used that made no sense. I've stated a lot of them previously but just a couple from THIS episode are 1)why would Travis wait until the play to kidnap Harrison when he's already at the apartment? 2)why wouldn't the school call the police after Harrison is kidnapped? 3)the police find Dexters boat washed up on shore the day after the lake of fire is photographed out at sea? no questions asked? 4)no security at the high-rise such as security guards or cameras? Any way to see Dexter and Harrison there? 5)how did Dexter get Travis down from the rooftop while Travis was unconcious, middle of the day, with Harrison in tow, carrying a sword, all before the police (Deb) was a few minutes behind them? 6)Dexter kills the guy on the boat while everyone watches, throws him in the ocean and everyone is okay with that? 7)Dexter is allowed to go into Travis' murder house first? and alone? Long enough for him to discover the painting and destroy it? When have they waited for Dexter to go in first EVER before? Just happens when there's a huge painting of him on the wall?
    If there are any fanboys that can answer any of these questions rationally, go ahead. These are issues from this episode alone. There are just as many from every other episode this season. Suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

  52. I am a huge Dexter apologist and I actually liked season 5 and the beginning of season 6, then I thought the rest of s6 became boring (except for the last minute of the finale) and the Dexter VO's became just hokey and lame. I really hope they clean up the writing for the last two seasons and bring Dexter back to his roots like they promised for this season. Give me dark humor, Dexter thinking on his feet, and more bad guys on his table!

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