Dexter - Episode 6.09 “Get Gellar” - Spoiler About Jamie

Click the link below to read 2 minor spoilers-teasers about Batista's sister, Jamie, in tomorrow night's episode 6.09 "Get Gellar"...

The Jamie-Louis romance goes to another level this week.

Jamie is in danger, but you'll be surprised by who this Sunday.

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  1. Sounds interesting: My bets would be on Deb.

  2. Must say I really like Louis character. Nice Dexter hero worshipping! Bet he the unexpected source of help to Dex as synopsis says.
    Jamie in danger?? I'm going with drunken, lecherous Quinn. Or Harrison gets hold of one of Daddy's knives :-)

  3. I think what they meant by "unexpected help" for Dexter in tracking DDK is Travis's help, not Louis.

  4. Quinn is such a screwup that he's definately on his way out. Perhaps Deb will have to wrestle with firing him - or he will discover who Dexter really is and need to be silenced - but dexter does not kill good (albeit immature) people.
    If I were writng it - he makes a split second decision and gives his life to take a bullet for Deb - thereby revealing the level of his love obsession with her. And Deb would be further troubled about her values and direction - AND LACK OF COMMITMENT TO HIM.

  5. I like your call Chet. I think if Dexter was down for killing him he would have found a reason. but is seeing that having a distraction for Deb came in REAL handy. OMG!!!! LOOK AT ALL THAT BLOOD!!!! I'm really worried where this is going........

  6. Dex is bathed in blood. WTF??? It's really bothering me about who it could be. I don't think it's Gellar. It's too soon for that!

  7. Chet, yea, I think Quinn is on the way out, and I think in a spectacular way.

    I think Quinn finds out about Dexter.

    I think Quinn aims a gun at Dex, intending to take him out.

    I think Deb kills Quinn to protect Dex.

    Pure speculation of course, but that would be a real nice shocker.

  8. What does the stolen ice killer hand have to do with anything. Dexter says at one point in the episide when he was copying the finger prints from the freezer guy and he mad reference to the hand. Was I mistaken or got the situation wrong. Anybody else catch that? The new guy is lying about the hand too.

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