Dexter - Episode 6.09 “Get Gellar” - New Promotional Photos

Four new promotional photos of this Sunday's episode of Dexter, 6.09 "Get Gellar". See others after the jump...

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  1. Holy s**t, I just realized something! The blood is going to spill out from above at this next tableau, while Dexter and his colleagues are on the crime scene! I can't wait! Obviously, I'm curious if Dexter reacts similarly to how he did the last time he was covered in blood, in "Seeing Red."

  2. I watched that episode following Sunday. I don't think he'll react the same but I did realize he was in his work shirt. Awesome. Is it sunday yet?

  3. and what's up with skinny nice haired Quinn. He was muscular and bald when we first met him. I miss that Joey!

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