POLL: When Do You Think Deb Will Find Out About Dexter?

There's a moment on Dexter which everyone would like to see: When Deb finds out that her brother is a serial killer. When do you think she will find out? Vote below!

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  1. I really hope so.
    Deb is on to something.... especially in connection with dexter's road trip - souvenir.
    Normally, she just has to google for that motel, finds out that the guy who was working there is missing, and connects the dots.
    So I definately count on Deb finding out about Dexters dark passenger in the upcoming episodes of this season.

    I hope this will not be a cliffhanger... hope that Dex saves her by killing someone right in front of her.

  2. ^yes but, that place is so secluded. Maybe nobody yet knows that the shady guy from the shady motel guy is missing yet.


  4. Scenario:
    debrah finds Travis (still alive) on Dexter's table. At first she is shocked, but then she remember all cruelities that Travis has done. So finally she gives her "okay" to Dexter whos killing Travis.

    --- Just my guess ;)

  5. Something is still up with La'Guerta.... she made the Overdose-Hooker-Case go away.... but did she really? Does Deb find out about that?

    Could this have something to do with Deb finding out about LaGuerta? Maria kept the "Quinn-Dexter" case also under the table.

  6. I think Deb will be ok with Dex's dark passenger. She has said on more than one occasion that she had no qualms about dropping a mother fucker who was a cold blooded killer. If and when she finds out, she will know that her brother made sure that justice was done to those whom the law didn't catch. She'll know that her father cultivated Dex's dark passenger and eventually that it was something that he had to do. Born in blood, working with blood, seeing his mother murdered in front of him made his passenger awaken. She'll understand why he's so fucked up. But the truth is Harry never tried to curb his DP. He could have but didn't Harry wanted to use Dex to be the long arm of the law when the law couldn't reach. This is a monster that cannot be contained!

  7. I hope soon. We've been on the edge since season four and they've stretched it out so thin that it's ruining the suspension of disbelief on the show. It's almost a running gag now that she doesn't now and it's distracting from the plot.

    The fact that Dexter has been hiding all his life from the one person who could probably handle his truth kinda coincides with the fact that the producers are holding out on the one thing that could breathe new life into the show.

    Both of them are kind of afraid to take the plunge and insist on living in denial instead.

    There are so many rich moments, dramatic, and comedic that get to be played out when Deb knows. Just them talking about a kill or something can be played so many ways, her reaction to knowing just what a badass Dexter is, just how smart her really is. The ongoing conflict she will have over it, the constant fear she will have to live with. It's all going to draw her in and make her an even more compelling character.

    I really hope they move forward with this. I just cannot handle the tedium of the status quo anymore.

  8. Well I don't know WHEN, but I'm sure it won't be sooner than Season 7 ending / Season 8 beginning.
    It would be stupid if she found out now, considering Dexter as a series has two more years ahead.

  9. I think Deb will find out about Dexter but will then be killed by "Doomsday killer".....

  10. Why would it be stupid if she found out now?

    Why do people make bold statements like this and never follow through with an actual "rational".

    You do understand that Deb is Harry's daughter right? No way she finds out and runs off and puts her brother on death row. It's not the Morgan way... family tends to come first here in case you didn't notice. Deb turning in Dexter is as likely as Dexter allowing Brian to kill Deb. Harry had these kids brainwashed from an early age. Dex and Deb: it's like Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. The whole thing is totally creepy and cool.

    Do people not even pay attention to the story or what?

    *knock* *knock* *knock*

  11. Again with the Deb being killed.

    You don't announce two more season of the show and then risk audience Armageddon by killing off one of your two main leads. Especially not when that particular actress is on a path to Hollywood stardom.

    It would be the most retarded move in the history of television. The only way lead actors get written out of shows is by dying, or having a contract dispute and then of course, the show is toast unless you have a sitcom ensemble (aka Cheers)

  12. 2 case senario either she will catch him and let him run. Cause she wont let him go away with murder that easy she will hunt him but first will let him flee the secound is she locks him up and we see season 7 dexter behind bars. and how he deals with it and maybe he escapes. and about when she will know it well i think its in the season 6 finale to leave a big interrogation mark.

  13. They aren't going to do a season of "Dexter in Jail" or at least they shouldn't.

    Deb isn't going to turn him in. She is HARRY'S DAUGHTER. She put a bullet through a guy's head and liked it. Said he "deserved it".

    She's already started to accept that some people need to die. She already let Dexter and Lumen get away with murder. She let him get away with it, not even knowing it was the brother she loved! If she is going to let a stranger get away with murder, why would she turn her brother in? Explain this to me?

    Think about it. If she sends Dexter to prison, and betrays him like that. He could easily rat her out and put her away too, for covering up one of his murders. It would be like the single most stupid thing she could do.


    *shaking head sadly*

    Does no one pay attention to what has been happening on the dang show?

  14. hey if she knew it was dexter and luman for a fact she wouldnt react as she did Its her responsibily Now as a luetenent to put him neing bars no matter what. she would do it for the badge AND NOT for love and besides Dexter wouldnt ran her out a lot of more murders in trial if dexter gets locked up HE WILL get death penalty I dont think this show is gonna last longer admit dexter somehow is getting slopier and u explain to me if anyone else found out about debra loving action of getting dex a get away free jail card what would he do. Besides if this goes down either she finds it out or locks him up Or she doesn't at least not this soon.

  15. besides im on a row xD i predicted the last 2 episodes and im not saying u sir dont have a point but yea u know

  16. This show is going on for two more years, and could finish with a movie or mini-series, or possibly spin off into a series of movies like the X-Files.

    So no, Dexter is going to go to death row. Not when there is a growing audience, two bankable stars in MCH and Jen Carpenter, and loads of cash to be made.

    This is Hollywood baby! Hits are few and far between, so you squeeze every golden egg you can out of the damn goose.

  17. and shows get canceled all time this seson is damn good but 2 years with what 5 mouths 2 make a new one? this season i had to wait a hell of a time for it 2 come out. Some times the dmn eggs are fucking rotten this is my fav show and i think it aint gonna last that long so welcome to real life and drop the hollywood baby act thats old

  18. well he left a body in a grain silo, deb has the pen he "stole" from there, she know when he went. if the corpse turns up its not that hard for her to put 2 and 2 together. however, she seems to be the only one knowing about it, she's the only one that could solve that case. and i believe we havent seen the last of that deat pot grower ^^

    i wouldnt dare to bet when they will figure it out, but i cant wait to see how she reacts to how her life just got an even bigger mess

  19. Travis is on Dexter's table in the church, Deb walks in at the same moment that Dexter is killing Travis and she has a shocked look on her face; Dexter then notices Deb standing there and says "Oh God" and it finishes there. Cliffhanger's are a bitch!

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