More Set Pics: First Look at Molly Brown as Young Debra, Plus a New Actor Joining the Cast

First glimpse of Molly Brown in Dexter: Original Sin!

The following article may contain spoilers. Dexter: Original Sin has officially wrapped production in Miami after two weeks of shooting several exterior scenes. During this time, local Miami social media accounts shared various photos and videos from the set. These posts provided our first look at Patrick Gibson as young Dexter, as well as two actors who seemingly portray Dexter's biological parents in a 1970s flashback scene.

Now, let's turn our attention to Molly Brown, who portrays teenage Deborah Morgan. Footage from the TikTok account 'Miami Famous' shows the young actress at Haulover Inlet on June 5th, the same location and date as the scenes featuring actors who appear to play Laura Moser and Joe Driscoll.

The convertible car seen in the footage appears to be the same one used in those scenes. Additionally, the man next to Debra is Cuban-American actor Isaac Gonzalez Rossi, whose role in the series has not been officially revealed. It is not clear whether he will have a recurring role.

Keep scrolling to view the set pictures, though they're blurry due to excessive zoom. 

Dexter: Original Sin's directing executive producer, Michael Lehmann, talking to Molly Brown and Isaac Gonzalez Rossi:

Molly Brown, dressed in an old-school pink dress, steps out of the car:

A woman approaches her and takes a photo as Molly poses in front of the convertible:

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