New Dexter: Original Sin Set Photos From Miami - Is That Dexter's [Spoiler]?

A better look at a 1970s flashback scene being filmed in Miami.

Dexter: Original Sin is currently in its second week of shooting in Miami. The two main stars of the prequel, Patrick Gibson (Dex) and Molly Brown (Deb), along with various other actors whose names haven't been revealed yet, are in "The Magic City" to film exterior scenes, giving the prequel an authentic Miami vibe.

The cast and crew of Dexter: Original Sin are expected to be in Miami until tomorrow, Saturday, June 15.

In this period shoot set in the 1970s, the images show a man and a woman (who is definitely Laura Moser, Dexter's biological mother) having a conversation inside a convertible car parked next to the sea. At first glance, it seemed the man talking with Laura was a younger version of Harry Morgan, but that's not the case.

A couple of new photos from this particular scene have emerged via the same source, and the close-up shot reveals that the man next to Laura Moser is Joe Driscoll, aka Dexter's confirmed biological father.

Possible spoilers ahead:

Another look at the car scene from afar:

How do we know this is actually Joe Driscoll and not another man Laura Moser had relations with? 

We revisited Episode 8 of Dexter Season 1, titled "Father Knows Best," where adult Dexter meets his biological father in... the morgue.

Here's the actual flashback scene as depicted in that episode: young Dexter has a memory of his dad driving a convertible. It appears that this is the same convertible car (same side rear view mirrors), meaning the man next to Laura is most definitely Joe Driscoll.

Additionally, Joe Driscoll had a spider web tattoo on his elbow, something that triggered Dexter's memory in that scene.

For those who don't remember, Joe Driscoll, Dexter's biological father, was in a relationship with Laura Moser. At the age of 60, Driscoll was killed by Brian Moser, who was scheming to reconnect with his long-lost brother. Brian tracked him down and gained access to his house by posing as a cable TV repairman. He sedated Joe Driscoll and injected him with diabetic insulin, causing him to have a seizure and then die of cardiac arrest.

Dexter suspects that Driscoll's apparent heart attack was actually murder. However, the body is cremated before he can obtain proof, preventing Dexter from ever discovering Brian's involvement.

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