Latest Dexter: Original Sin Teaser Reveals the Actual Date the Show Starts Filming?

Could this be the actual date it begins production?

Everyone's favorite serial killer returns to our TV screens soon, with a prequel based on the early years of Dexter Morgan. Set in 1991 Miami, Dexter: Original Sin will provide a deeper look at how it all began, focusing on 20-year-old Dexter as he commits his first kill.

One of the first teasers Showtime shared on their social media accounts is a video that might reveal the actual date the show starts shooting. In the bottom left corner of the 12-second video, we see a beeper (a significant device in the early 90s) displaying the numbers 06-05. For someone from the United States, these numbers indicate the date June 5th.

Hollywood loves to include easter eggs whenever possible, so our guess is that 06-05, or June 5th, is the actual date the show begins filming.

Weeks ago, we shared rumors and reports from multiple sources here on Dexter Daily, stating that the show would begin filming in June. Time will tell if this will be the case! Stay tuned here on Dexter Daily for more updates!

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