Dexter: Original Sin Season 1 Will Consist of 10 Episodes - Episode Guide

Introducing Dexter Daily's episode guide for the upcoming prequel spinoff!

The prequel spinoff series about the early years of Dexter Morgan is finally happening, and so far only three cast members have been revealed: Patrick Gibson, Molly Brown, and Christian Slater have been cast for the roles of Dexter, Debra and Harry respectively.

Unlike the original series, which had 12 episodes per season, Dexter: Original Sin follows the Dexter: New Blood formula, consisting of 10 episodes.

Following Thursday's announcement, we created a brand-new episode guide page for all the fans. The information on the episode guide with be updated every time we receive new details about the highly anticipated series. Click here to view the episode guide.

You can also have easy access to the page by clicking the link at the top of our website, as seen in the image below!

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