Dexter: Original Sin Begins Filming In Miami, FL From June 5 to June 15 - Casting Call For Extras

We're officially heading back to Miami, Dexter fans!

Next week will be huge for the Dexter franchise, as the new series based on young Dexter Morgan begins filming in Miami, Florida on June 5th. It seems our theory about the teaser's "06-05" Easter egg being related to the start date of the prequel's shooting was correct.

Shooting will be completed by June 15, as they plan to primarily film exterior scenes that need to look authentically like Miami. Afterwards, production will move to Los Angeles to film the rest of the season. Fun fact for those who don't know: the original pilot episode of Dexter, back in 2006, was actually filmed entirely in Miami in 2005.

As you may already know, the show will follow Dexter as he transitions from student to avenging serial killer. Patrick Gibson has been cast as Dexter, Molly Brown as Deborah, and Christian Slater as Harry. The prequel will be set in 1991 Miami, which means that the filming scenes in Miami and elsewhere will feature a retro late '80s and early '90s look.

According to Nine9 Talent Agency, Showtime is looking for background actors in an open casting call. To be considered, extras must live in and reside in Miami-Dade County.

Hopefully, we'll manage to get some set photos from the Miami filming locations. Stay tuned here on Dexter Daily for all the updates!

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