A Look at the Producers and Writers (Returning & New) of the Dexter: Original Sin Prequel

Time for a glimpse at the new and old producers of the prequel and their previous jobs.

Dexter: Original Sin, the highly anticipated prequel series about the early days of Dexter Morgan as an avenging serial killer, begins filming this Wednesday in Miami. So far Patrick Gibson, Christian Slater, and Molly Brown are the first actors to join the ambitious new series, but it's time to take a look at the returning and new producers and writers who have joined the franchise over the last few months.

1. Clyde Phillips

Executive Producer and writer of the first four seasons and Dexter: New Blood, Clyde Phillips, will executive produce and co-write the upcoming prequel spinoff, Dexter: Original Sin. In the wake of the spinoff announcements back in February 2023, Clyde said:

"I couldn’t be more excited about exploring and expanding the universe of Dexter. It’s a privilege to contemplate going even deeper with these complex and iconic characters – and the stories, themes and possibilities they inspire. I’m thrilled that Chris [McCarthy] (Paramount CEO) and my friends at Showtime want me to help them grow this truly unique and amazingly successful franchise.”

2. Scott Reynolds

Scott Reynolds first joined the Dexter family back in 2007. He has written 10 episodes of the original series, as well as 2 episodes in Dexter: New Blood. The second-to-last episode of the revival was actually a fan-favorite episode that Scott described as a love letter to all Dexter fans, back in early 2022. Among other projects, Scott has worked as an executive producer and writer for episodes of TV shows such as Jessica Jones, The Following, and Iron Fist.

3. Mary Leah Sutton

The first brand-new member of the Dexter franchise is Mary Leah Sutton. In the past, she worked as a writer for TV shows such as Resident Evil, Numb3rs, Bull, Chicago Med, The Following, and more.

4. Tony Hernandez

Emmy Award-winning producer Tony Hernandez is the founder and CEO of Jax Media, where he worked as president for a year or so. Hernandez has executive produced a large variety of TV shows such as Emily in Paris, The Conners, Wedding Season, Uncoupled, Russian Doll, and many more.

5. Lilly Burns

Lilly Burns is an Emmy-nominated creative producer and founding member of Jax Media. She's the wife of Tony Hernandez, and they will both work as executive producers for Dexter: Original Sin. She and her husband have worked together on many TV shows, most of them mentioned above.

6. Michael Lehmann

The directing executive producer of Dexter: Original Sin will be Michael Lehmann, who directed two episodes of the original series: Season 6, Episode 10, "Ricochet Rabbit," and Season 7, Episode 10, "The Dark...Whatever." The 67-year-old director and producer has worked on a variety of TV shows in the past, including Snowfall, Scream Queens, American Horror Story, Californication, True Blood, and many more.and many more.

7. Robert Lloyd Lewis

Another familiar face in the Dexter saga is Robert Lloyd Lewis. According to IMDb, Lewis produced every episode of the original Dexter series except the pilot "Dexter," episode 10 of Season 3, and the Season 3 finale. His return to the Dexter franchise after all these years is definitely a good sign.

8. Michael C. Hall

Last but not least, Michael C. Hall. As you may already know, Michael C. Hall won't be absent from this new chapter of the Dexter franchise, as he will work as an executive producer for the Dexter: Original Sin prequel. We have no idea if Michael has agreed to direct an episode of the prequel (fun fact: the only episode of Dexter he ever directed was the second episode of the final season, titled "Every Silver Lining...") However, it's highly likely that he will.

More information, set photos, and casting announcements about Dexter: Original Sin are coming in the following days and weeks. Stay tuned!

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