Breakdown of Dexter: Original Sin Retro Teasers - Things You Might Have Missed

Let's breakdown all the details from the retro cast teasers.

May 23rd, 2024, was a big day for all Dexter fans. After a long wait, compounded by Hollywood's prolonged writers' and actors' strike, Showtime and Paramount+ finally revealed more information regarding one of the forthcoming Dexter spinoffs, specifically the one about our favorite serial killer's early years.

Early on Thursday morning, various television and entertainment websites broke the news about Dexter's return by revealing the first three cast members. At the same time, Showtime took to their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, X, and other platforms to release three 12-second teaser click here to view them in case you missed them that revealed, in the coolest way possible, the actors who will portray the younger versions of Dexter, Debra, and Harry Morgan.

The teasers have an early 1990s vibe, as the prequel titled Dexter: Original Sin will take place in 1991. Let's break down some minor details you might have missed in these three teasers and their Instagram thumbnails.

All three teasers are supposedly set in Miami Metro PD. The idea behind them is that someone is using one of the department's old (relatively new back in the day) computers to search data about some of the main characters. When the user clicks the search button, we see the actor's black-and-white photo loading slowly to reveal their respective photo, the actor's name, and the character they're going to play in Dexter: Original Sin. In the background, we hear a monophonic version of Dexter's (now classic) original opening theme, composed by Rolfe Kent.

Debra Morgan played by Molly Brown

At the top of the window that reveals each of the characters, we see the title of the prequel (Dexter: Original Sin). In the bottom left corner of the window, we see the indication "3 items," referring to the three main characters. Young Debra's teaser includes a personal belonging of hers: her cassette Walkman player sitting in front of the computer screen.

Dexter Morgan played by Patrick Gibson

Dexter's teaser, on the other hand, provides even more information about the other characters that will appear in the prequel. In the bottom right corner, we see a yellow Post-it note with a handwritten coffee order. It includes the names of Angel Batista, who ordered black coffee with sugar; Masuka, who ordered coffee with cream and sugar; and, last but not least, LaGuerta, who ordered Cuban coffee. Doakes' name is not on the list, which supports the rumor we shared about a month ago about his character's absence from the first season of the Dexter prequel.

In the top right corner, we see 20-year-old Dexter's intern card. Dexter will be a newbie at Miami Metro PD, having just joined the force.

Patrick Slater as Harry Morgan

On the same note, Harry Morgan's teaser, featuring the character played by Patrick Slater, is less revealing. During his final days, Harry was a sergeant at Miami Metro, and in the bottom right corner, we see his business card stuck on the computer screen. In the left corner, we see his retro Miami coffee mug with a red marmalade donut on top of it. The way it drips is purposefully reminiscent of blood (duh).

Now let's take a closer look at the Instagram thumbnails for each of the teasers. We managed to take screenshots in good resolution and then connected the three thumbnails to make them look like one image. Here’s the result:

A closer look at them gives us more information and hints about the three main characters in the forthcoming Dexter: Original Sin prequel:

Debra's high school card: Deb will be only 16 in the prequel, which means she'll be a high school student. At the top of the card, we see the name of her school (Bayfront), and right below the word "student," we see the school year 1990-1991, where the prequel takes place. On the left side of the card, we see Molly Brown's acting headshot. The card is covered by a pearl necklace, perhaps an heirloom from her mother, Doris Morgan, who passed away a few years earlier. All these items are placed in front of the lab's microscope.

Harry's coffee mug: In the photo on the right, we see Harry's business card again, but what's interesting is the lollipop sitting right in front of the card. There are two theories about this: it's either Deb's lollipop, or it indicates Harry's complicated past with various women who had intimate relationships with him. Remember, none of these items were placed there without reason. Everything has its purpose.

Soon we'll have casting news about the rest of the characters. Perhaps Batista, Masuka, and LaGuerta are next in line. We don't know if Showtime will follow the same formula by releasing similar teasers to the ones mentioned above.

Stay tuned for all the updates here on Dexter Daily!

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