Dexter Prequel: NEW & Returning Characters That Will Appear In 'Dexter: Origins'! (Rumor)

Who's returning and who's not in the upcoming Dexter prequel Dexter: Origins.


It's been exactly 14 months since Showtime revealed that they're working on a prequel about the early years of Dexter Morgan, and today we have a report from website That Hashtag Show that reveals the returning and new characters for the Dexter: Origins prequel. Since the news comes from a not so credible source, we suggest you to be cautious about it. Let's dive in!

1. Let's start with the most obvious one, Dexter Morgan.


Showtime is currently looking for young actor to portray 20-year old Dexter Morgan. The prequel series will be showing us once again Dexter's first kill Nurse Mary (who tried to poison Harry Morgan) which took place in the 1991.

2. Harry Morgan, Dexter and Debra's father.


In the original series Harry appeared in flashbacks in the first two seasons, and as a demonstration of Dexter's conscious from seasons three to eight. In Dexter: Origins he will be in his 40s working with the Miami Metro.

3. Dexter's beloved sister, Debra Morgan.


Debra Morgan will be 17-years-old in the prequel.

4. Angel Batista


Angel Batista, on the most iconic characters in the original series will be back as well. He will be 30-years-old, which makes him a decade older than Dexter.

5. Maria Laguerta


Maria Laguerta will be back as well. She will be in her 30s as well.

6. Vince Masuka

Masuka will be 20-years-old working as a newbie at Miami Metro.

7. Tom Matthews


Tom Matthews will be back as well. He's a close friend to Harry Morgan, and the leader of his team at Miami Metro Police.

8. Camilla Figg


Camilla Figg will be in her 40s on Dexter: Origins.

9. Laura Moser


According to that source, Showtime is also looking for an actress to portray Dexter and Brian's mother Laura Moser. Laura was murdered when Dexter was only three, which means that we're going to have lots of flashbacks that include Harry, Laura and their complicated relationship.

Characters that WON'T be coming back in the Dexter prequel


Based on the information from the website, James Doakes won't be coming back, at least in the first season. Rita Bennett won't return as well, considering that she only met Dexter six months before the events of the pilot episode.

New characters in Dexter: Origins

1. Spencer

50-year-old and Assistant Chief of Police. His priority is to assemble a top-notch team to investigate the abduction of a prominent Judge’s son. Dexter will be very observant of Spencer’s approach to dispensing justice when faced with a deeply personal crisis.

2. Bobby Watt 

Harry's homicide partner and best friend. He's in his 40s.

3. Tanya Martin

She is the forensics chief working with Harry's team. She's in her 30s.

4. Clark Sanders 

He is a cop attached to Miami Metro Homicide. He's a bit older than Dexter.

Casting team is looking for actors who resemble the original cast.

Just like the previous source, this one also claims that filming begins in June 2024 in Los Angeles. Soon we'll know if this casting report is actually legit!

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