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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Michael C. Hall Lands First Post Dexter: New Blood Role For Heaven’s Gate Cult Biopic ‘The Leader’

Looks like Michael C. Hall will be taking a break from his band soon.

Patrick Fraser/Getty

Michael C. Hall returns to acting for a film based on a true story. According to an exclusive report from Deadline, the former Dexter star joins Vera Farmiga, Tim Blake Nelson, Simon Rex, and Grace Caroline Currey in true-crime biopic feature titled 'The Leader', which is based on the 1997 mass suicide of the cult group 'Heaven’s Gate'.

via Deadline: 'The Leader' will chart the memorable true story of the 39 members of the UFO cult known as Heaven’s Gate who committed the largest mass suicide ever on American soil. The film tracks Nettles (Farmiga) and Applewhite (Nelson) as they develop the religion, build a devout following and face unforeseen conflict when the spaceship fails to arrive.

Michael C. Hall will play a key devotee: a wealthy addict who attempts to win favor with Applewhite by financially supporting the cult with his trust fund. 

Michael Gallagher is directing from his original screenplay. The pic is produced by Cinemand Films and Balcony 9 Productions.

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