Dexter Is the Most Rented DVD Boxset In Netflix History

'Dexter' is the most popular TV series with Netflix DVD subscribers.

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On September 29 after 25 years of shipping DVDs, Netflix pulled the plug on a service it offered before it became the streaming giant it is today. According to website 'What's on Netflix', over those years, Netflix has shipped out 5.2 billion DVDs to over 40 million unique subscribers. With the service officially dead, there's now a list available for the most rented television series DVD boxsets, and surprise-surprise, Dexter is on number one! Continue reading to find out which other shows are included on the list! 

As you can see below, there's another series starring Michael C. Hall on the top 10, HBO's 'Six Feet Under'.

1. Dexter
2. True Blood
3. Game of Thrones
4. The Sopranos
5. The Wire
6. 24
7. Mad Men
8. Weeds
10. Six Feet Under
11. Breaking Bad
12. Entourage
13. Homeland
14. House, M.D.
15. Sex and the City
16. Downton Abbey
17. Battlestar Galactica
18. NCIS
19. Rome
20. Deadwood
21. Nip/Tuck
22. Smallville
23. The Office (U.S.)
24. The West Wing
25. The Big Bang Theory
26. The Tudors
27. Curb Your Enthusiasm
28. Fringe
29.Criminal Minds
30. Grey’s Anatomy

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