Michael C. Hall Admits That a Scene Between Batista and Dexter In the New Blood Finale Would Be 'Pretty Phenomenal'

Michael aknowledges fans' biggest complain about the finale.


During the recent Q&A at Steel City Con with Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz and Jennifer Carpenter, the former Dexter star was asked many questions, one of them was if he would consider to reprise America's favorite serial killer again in one of the spinoffs. He joked about being too old to play a young Dexter at this point, but also suggested he's "open to the possibility of being involved" in future Dexter projects. Few minutes later another fan asked Michael to share his opinion about the final confrontation between Batista and Dex that never happened. His response surprised many fans.

Fan question: As much as I love the New Blood finale, I wish there would have been a scene of Batista sitting right in front of Dexter as he knows who Dexter really is. Was that ever talked about when the script was being written having a face to face with Dexter and Batista? 

"It wasn't talked about, but I'm with you", Michael replied. He continued: "I think it would be cool to have some... this is not a pitch or anything that would ever happen, but like a parallel universe where all the different possibilities are realized and I think that scene between Dexter and Batista would be pretty phenomenal, yeah. But they didn't talk about it" [laughs].

Then the same person took the opportunity to say that in the last few episodes of New Blood, a lot of the evidence against Dexter was circumstantial, and that he could have stayed and beat the charges instead of killing Logan and trying to flee Iron Lake.

Michael avoided to continue the conversation by saying: "Umm... yeah. Parallel universe!".

Watch this part of the Q&A at 8:19 of the video below.

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