David Zayas On Potential Angel Batista Return In Dexter: New Blood Season 2: "I'll Welcome It"

"He’s still alive, just so you know!"


Former Dexter star David Zayas recently talked with website Comic Book Movie about his role in the upcoming action movie titled 'Snag'. Among others, he also talked about reprising his role as Angel Batista after eight years for Dexter: New Blood. He revealed that he was 'ecstatic' back when they called him to be part of the 10-episode season even for such brief time. Continue reading to find out what David had to say about a possible Batista comeback in one of the upcoming Dexter spinoffs!

Q: How did you feel about your character finally learning the truth the way he did and what ultimately became of Dexter?

A: "Well, the name of the show is Dexter, so it’s his story and his journey. Ever since season one, I was just part of someone telling his story and creating circumstances where the audience can see where Dexter’s mind is at. First of all, I was ecstatic that they even called me to be part of New Blood. ‘Would you like to come and do a couple of episodes?’ I said, ‘Just tell me where to come and I’ll be there.’ It was fun to do, fun to watch, and that’s the character I spent the most time with in the business. It’s something that…Batista is true to my heart and I love that character. He’s still alive, just so you know [Laughs].

Q: There’s been a lot of Dexter prequel, sequel, and spin-off talk lately; are you hoping there could be more Angel in your future? 

A: "Maybe! I’ll welcome it."

Watch the full interview right below. (Dexter-related part starting at 6:05)

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