Exclusive: More Info On Dexter: New Blood Season 2 - Two Key Characters Will Join Harrison's Fresh Start In New York City

Harrison's about to meet some new interesting characters in this new chapter.

It was a week ago when Showtime announced that Dexter: New Blood will be getting a second season, with Jack Alcott as the main star of the series. Season 2 will be focusing on Harrison Morgan, who, after the shocking events of "Sins of the Father" flees to NYC where he must wrestle with his own darkness. Showtime described the series as a 'new incarnation' that will explore the themes and scenarios of the original Dexter series 'through new lens'.

Two key characters will be introduced in Dexter: New Blood Season 2, Dexter Daily has exclusively learned. Continue reading for more details. (SPOILER WARNING!)

After killing his own father, Harrison gets lost in the crowds in New York City, trying to find himself. This new chapter of his life includes a "violent romance" and an "unusual new mentor" (gender or age not specified), while attending New York University. 

Harrison carries the dark passenger of his father Dexter, but also has a strong sense of morality. Harrison will give in to his inherited killer impulses, but with a code "of his own".

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