Dexter: New Blood Renewed For Season 2 (Yes, For Real!) - Jack Alcott to Return As Harrison Morgan - Synopsis

The most surprising piece of news for today!


What a day for the Dexter fandom... right? Well, looks like there's more! Contrary to TVLine's report from January 31st, it is now confirmed that Showtime will actually continue Harrison's journey, with a second season of Dexter: New Blood! Of course, Jack Alcott will be reprising the role as Dexter's son. Find out what's next for Harrison in the mini synopsis below!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "the second season of New Blood focuses on Dexter’s son Harrison, who survived his tumultuous reintroduction with his father and flees to New York City where he must wrestle with his own violent nature and whether, like his father, he too is compelled to kill. Dexter: New Blood will explore the kinds of themes and scenarios seen in the original series but through a new lens."

Not one, but TWO Dexter series have been greenlit so far. Pretty surprising right?! More to come in the next few days.

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