Scott Reynolds Teases The Creepy Clown From Episode 9 ‘The Family Business’

"This clown is gonna wiggle his way into your brain."

Scott Reynolds/Twitter
Happy New Year, Dexter fans! Tomorrow's Sunday, and Scott Reynolds, executive Producer and writer of "The Family Business" shared a screenshot from episode 9, and teased fans about this terrifying clown who's going to wiggle his way into ours brains!

The flashback scene we're about to see in the forthcoming episode, was filmed in early June in Westford, MA. Back then we shared some exclusive images from the building, the exterior of which was painted pink in order to look like it's Miami. Little palm trees and the other fake tropical plants were added outside as well.

Stay tuned for the episode 9 promo analysis later today. You can view DexterDaily's original article with the exclusive 'Mr Wiggles Playland' photos right here.

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